Threat Assessment

Virginia Code ยง 23.1-805 mandates the establishment of a Violence Prevention Committee and Threat Assessment Team at institutions of higher education.

As part of a larger and Institute-wide commitment to a safe Post and workplace environment, VMI is committed to the development of preventative measures, including educational programming, publicizing behavioral health resources for cadets and employees, ongoing dialogue and assessment of Violence Prevention Strategies through the Violence Prevention Committee, and assessment and management of threats according to national and regional best practices by the Threat Assessment Team.

The Deputy Superintendent for Finance, Administration and Support chairs a Post-wide Violence Prevention Committee, and a sub-set of that Committee comprised of legal, medical, mental health, law enforcement, student affairs, and human resources professionals charged with assessing and managing threats of violence.

The Threat Assessment Team is responsible for:

  • Receiving reports of persons who have engaged in threatening behaviors or conduct that raises serious concern about their well-being, stability, or potential for violence or suicide;
  • Assessing individuals whose behavior may represent a threat to the VMI community according to national and regional best practices;
  • Determining appropriate means of intervention with individuals whose behavior may represent a threat and sufficient means of action, including interim suspension. medical furlough, referrals to community services boards or health care providers for evaluation or treatment, or medical separation;
  • Conducting an annual review to identify potential or existing threats, including gathering and analyzing data to identify high-risk departments, activities, or locations;
  • Communicating internally with employees and cadets; and
  • Developing and maintaining working relationships with local and state law enforcement and mental health agencies to expedite assessment and intervention with individuals whose behavior may present a threat to safety.

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