About the Police

All VMI Police officers are graduates of regional criminal justice training academies and are fully certified by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services. Most VMI officers have many years of experience working for municipal police or sheriff’s departments prior to being employed by VMI.

Each officer is required to complete 40 hours of in-service training biennially and to pass an annual firearms qualification. In addition, VMI officers have additional specialty training in bicycle patrol, tactical operations, crisis negotiations, crime prevention, dignitary protection, sexual assault and intimate partner violence investigation, and more.

Several officers are certified as criminal justice instructors and regularly teach at local criminal justice academies. Officers conduct training for cadets and employees on topics relating to crime prevention and personal safety, as well as conducting programs in the community and local elementary schools.

VMI Police Department has a full-time detective, responsible for investigating any serious offenses that occur on VMI Property, following up on initial reports taken by the patrol officers and processing crime scenes and evidence. The Department also has a fully trained Special Emergency Response Team, capable of responding to significant threats to the safety of the VMI community and certified Crisis Negotiators.

VMI Police Department works closely with the Commandant’s staff and student governing bodies to enforce VMI rules and regulations. VMI Police also work closely with Lexington Police Department, Rockbridge County Sheriff’s Department and Virginia State Police on incidents occurring off-Post that involve cadets

We are committed to working with all parts of the community to maintain the benevolent quality of life at Virginia Military Institute and in the larger Lexington area by forming community partnerships and actively seeking input and participation in crime prevention and reduction programs. We see the police function as a broad mandate to participate in programs to improve the community.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Virginia Military Institute Police Department is to provide quality professional police services to the community of VMI, to enforce laws and Post policies, to serve and protect the Corp of Cadets, faculty and staff, alumni and visitors, to prevent and detect criminal activity, and to reduce the fear of crime through community partnerships. 

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