The VMI Motor Vehicle Policy, General Order 24, provides guidance to all operators of motor vehicles on the Post of Virginia Military Institute to include the requirements for registration of vehicles on Post, parking rules, and moving traffic violation instructions. We encourage all cadets, employees, contractors, vendors, and visitors to post to review the full general order for complete information on parking regulations, enforcement, penalties, and appeals.


Authorized Vehicles on Post

All VMI employees and authorized cadets, subject to certain restrictions outlined in General Order 24, are permitted to possess and operate motor vehicles on post during the academic year. Due to construction projects during each academic year, some parking areas may not be fully available.


Vehicle Registration

All Cadets (designated First Classmen and drilling reservists of other classes) authorized to maintain a motor vehicle on post and all employees, contractors, and vendors operating vehicles on post on a frequent basis must register with the VMI Police. The Vehicle Registration Form for cadets is available on-line in Post View under First Class Parking.

Employees, contractors, and vendors must complete the Parking Registration Form and submit it to the VMI Police. The VMI Police will issue a parking decal for all registered vehicles. VMI employee vehicle registration will remain valid until the parking decal color changes due to administrative needs, the vehicle is sold, or the VMI employee leaves the Institute. Parking decals are to be displayed in the lower left hand corner of the rear window, where possible.


Traffic Violations

All moving traffic violations are heard at Rockbridge County General District Court. You may contact the Court at (540) 463-3631 with any questions.


Parking Violation Appeals

Any parking violator who wishes to file an appeal of a parking citation may do so by filing a written notice of appeal to the VMI Director of Auxiliary Services. Written appeals apply only to parking violations. No appeal will be considered until the appropriate fine has been paid. All appeals will be decided by the VMI Traffic Appeals Committee based on the written information at hand.

Review the complete Instructions for Parking Appeals before submitting the Parking Appeals Form.



Auto Towing & Repair (540-463-9600) is the primary provider for police towing services. If your vehicle was towed, you may also contact Central Dispatch (540-463-9177) to obtain the name and number of the towing company used.



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