Club Rugby Seeks National Title

Team portrait of 2021-22 VMI club rugby team.

Photo courtesy of Andrew Partridge '24

LEXINGTON, Va., May 7, 2022—The VMI men’s club rugby team has dominated their conference this season, going 6-2 in the fall and 4-0 in the spring. Now they have their sights set on a national championship, which they hope to earn in New Orleans, Louisiana, at the 2022 Collegiate Rugby Championship from May 28 to 30.

“We know we’re blessed to be where we are now,” said Jackson Falkner ’22, cadet in charge and team captain. “Six months ago, we weren’t a national championship-caliber team.”

The team competes in rugby union (15 players) in the fall and rugby sevens (seven players) in the spring, with the championship tournament being rugby sevens. More than 30 cadets strong and coached by John Welsh, the team attracts players from across post. Cadets enjoy the physical challenge of the sport and the camaraderie of the team, and they practice hard every week. Despite their many victories this year, the team isn’t satisfied to rest on their record.

“We’re playing to win a national title,” Falkner said.

Eric Moore
Communications & Marketing

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