Bakich Part of With Good Reason Segment

LEXINGTON, Va., Sept. 22, 2022—Col. Spencer Bakich, professor of international studies at Virginia Military Institute and the director of the national security minor, will discuss U.S. and China tensions on the public radio program With Good Reason Sept. 24-30. Bakich focuses on the current state of tension in the Taiwan Strait, as well as some of the historical factors causing stress in U.S.-China relations.

In addition to Bakich, the upcoming show, “Who Runs the World?,” will feature Taiyi Sun from Christopher Newport University who will talk about civilian groups who step up at the time of disaster. Dennis Lo from James Madison University and Lijung Zhang from George Mason University will also be featured.

With Good Reason is sponsored by the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities. Local broadcast times, as well as audio files of full programs and companion news features, are on the With Good Reason website.

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