Owen Ahrens ’24 conducts research on the synthesis and reactivity of cobalt-centered molecules in the lab at VMI.—VMI Photo by Marianne Hause.

VMI Cadet Researches Element Synthesis

Owen Ahrens ’24 researches the synthesis and reactivity of cobalt-centered molecules in his Summer Undergraduate Research Institute (SURI) project titled, “Synthesis and Utilization of Alkyl Cobaloxime Complexes in Cycloaddition Reactions.”

Image of the official VMI seal

VMI Board of Visitors Rolls Back Tuition Increase on Virginia Cadets

In response to Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s request for institutions of higher education to hold the line on tuition, the Virginia Military Institute’s Board of Visitors Executive Committee voted to roll back planned tuition increases for Virginia cadets today.

VMI Superintendent’s Quarters Renovated

The Superintendent’s Quarters, a prime example of Gothic Revival architecture on post, has been upgraded and modernized while retaining its historic character.

VMI contingent on the Mount of Olives, outside the Old City of Jerusalem.—Photo courtesy of Sgt. Maj. Tom Sowers.

Cadets Travel to Israel and Win Debate Competition

Cadets travelled throughout Israel where they were briefed by elected officials, generals, ambassadors, media analysts, jurists, and ministers.

VMI study abroad cadets pose at the Colosseum in Rome

Engineering in Rome, Italy

One of the primary goals of this program is to give engineering cadets, who don’t often get the chance to study abroad due to their pre-requisite driven curriculum, the opportunity to develop cultural competency skills and learn to live and work in a multi-cultural, multi-national society.

Anne Townsend ’24 studies young lettuce plants growing in horizontal hydroponics systems in the VMI greenhouse.—VMI Photo by Marianne Hause.

Cadet Aims to Grow Produce for VMI

Anne C. Townsend ’24 conducts research in hydroponic systems to discover an environmentally and economically feasible way to provide a permanent supply of fresh produce for Crozet Hall.

Tracy Matheson, founder of Project Beloved, and her sister, Becky Halterman, with Michael L. Marshall, VMI chief of police

VMI Receives Soft Interview Room from Project Beloved

Thanks to Project Beloved, a nonprofit organization based in Texas, the police building at Virginia Military Institute now has a soft interview room that can be used by departments throughout the Lexington-Rockbridge community.

High school students solve a mystery by decoding encrypted messages during the second annual CyberSmart Workshop held June 6-10 at VMI. —VMI Photo by Kelly Nye.

Teens Solve Fictional Murder Mystery at VMI

A group of 17 local high school students solved a fictional murder mystery using the skills they learned during the second annual CyberSmart Workshop held June 6-10 by the Cyber Defense Laboratory at Virginia Military Institute.

Nearly 300 motorcycle riders participate in the annual Run For The Wall from California to Washington D.C.-VMI Photo by Marianne Hause.

Motorcycle Group Makes Memorial Day Run - Honors Battlefield Site Director

Nearly 300 riders participating in Run For The Wall, the longest cross-country motorcycle run in the world, stop at the Virginia Museum of the Civil War in New Market to pay tribute to the late Lt. Col. Troy Marshall on their way to Washington D.C.

Grayson Galeone ’22 serves as moderator during a debate in, “Democracy and Elections,” a course taught by Col. Howard Sanborn. -VMI Photo by Kelly Nye.

Democracy Class Run Democratically

Cadets learned the meaning of democracy, how scholars define it, and how different forms are implemented by running their own course and democratically determining course rules, reading topics and assignments.

VMI: Forging 21st Century Leaders