Chief of Staff

As Interim Chief of Staff, Col. Jeffrey R. Boobar ’86 is responsible for coordinating the actions of the Institute’s primary staff officers and ensuring integration of all organizational and post operations, events, and issues.

Col. Jeff Boobar

His additional duties include publishing and maintaining all general orders, special orders, and memoranda, and in coordination with the offices of the Registrar and the Commandant of Cadets for official cadet files. He serves as chair of the Institute Planning Committee, composed of senior VMI executives who issue policy guidance and provide advice to the Superintendent.

Prior to being appointed as the Interim Chief of Staff at VMI, Col. Boobar served as VMI's Inspector General and served twenty-three years as a special agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

During his twenty-three years in the DEA, Col. Boobar held a variety of supervisory and investigative positions. He served as the Resident-Agent-in Charge of the DEA office in Burlington, Vermont; as the Country Attache of the DEA office in The Hague, Netherlands; and as a narcotics task force group supervisor in Denver, Colorado. In addition, he conducted regional, national and international drug trafficking investigations as a special agent in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Istanbul, Turkey. While posted to the DEA headquarters in Washington, D.C., Col. Boobar served as a congressional liaison officer and completed one year as a Congressional Fellow assigned to the Senate Committee on the Judiciary. Upon retirement from DEA in April 2014, Col. Boobar worked for JPMorgan Chase & Company as a vice president in their global financial crimes and compliance unit.

Prior to DEA, Col. Boobar served four years in the U.S. Army assigned to the Second Armored Cavalry Regiment stationed in West Germany. Col. Boobar is a graduate of VMI and the United States Army Inspector General School.

Col. Boobar is married to the former Audrey Ambrosini of Homewood, Illinois.