Cadet Equity Association

The purpose of the Cadet Equity Association (CEA) is to provide education on equity to the Corps of Cadets, according to the guidelines established by the Superintendent’s Statement on Equity at VMI, and to maintain a post wide climate of respect and equitable treatment for cadets. 

The mission of these cadets is to receive reports of incidents concerning sexual harassment and discrimination, to investigate these matters when appropriate, and to protect the privacy of the individuals involved insofar as it is possible.  Cadets serving on the CEA receive training in procedures related to investigations and legal issues that involve gender, racial, religious, and ethnic discrimination. Sexual harassment infractions, depending on their magnitude, will be handled through the appropriate agency.

CEA Membership 2020-2021


President – Allen M. Grant

Vice President for Investigations – Ariana N. Ruffin

Vice President for Education & Training – Jonah S. Eger

First Class Investigator – Paige A. Miller

First Class Investigator – Clifton D. Conway III

First Class Investigator – Benjamin F. Winter


Assistant Investigators

McKenna M. Dunn

Whitney Edwards-Roberson

Jack A. Stafford


Third Class Representatives

Fatoumata L. Diallo

Gabriel Fanjul

Binh Quoc Tran


Company/Battalion Representatives

Alpha – John E. Vesterman Jr.

Bravo – Amber Y Risheg

Charlie – Marilyn R. Cardenas-Paredes

Delta – Jacob M. Woodruff

Echo – Brad O. Combs

Foxtrot – Will N. Facques

Golf – Alexander J. Woolwine

Hotel – Patrick A. Higgins

India – Jack T. Briseno

Band – Jonathan D. Slotten

1st BN – Brenden P. Lloyd

2nd BN – Hunter H. Barnes


Cadets are not restricted to reporting to cadet contacts and may report to anyone listed in the policy or any supervisor at VMI.

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