Reporting Contacts

Inspector General / Title IX Coordinator Office

Ms. Susan LeMert 212 Carroll Hall 540-464-7072 540-460-5250
Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Bean 113 Old Barracks 540-464-7413  
Col. Sam Allen 332 Scott Shipp Hall 540-464-7061  
Lt. Col. Jessica Libertini 433 Mallory Hall 540-464-7933  
Lt. Col. Abbey Carrico 423 Scott Shipp Hall 540-464-7276  

VMI Reporting Contacts for Victims of Illegal Discrimination and Assault

Contact Name Location Phone
Katrina Butner Smith Hall/Protocol 464-7104
Lieutenant Colonel Neil Whitmore Admissions 464-7039
Colonel Jim Squire Nichols Engineering 464-7548
Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Faust Commandant 464-7718
Colonel Dave Williams 103 Shell Hall 464-7094
Tracy Gordon Physical Plant 464-7130
Betty Skillman VMI Museum 464-7671
Sergeant First Class Donald "Buck" Bryan Kilbourne Hall 464-7698
Colonel Rose Mary Sheldon Scott Shipp Hall 464-7691
Major Meagan Herald Mallory Hall 464-7684
Commander Chip Barber Cocke Hall 464-7657
Lance Fujiwara Cameron Hall 464-7310
Tamara Stoops Maury Brooke Building 464-7417
Captain Isaac Slone Corps Physical Training Facility 464-7973


Community Resources and Contact Information

Project Horizon ALL 540-463-2594 (24/7 Hotline)
Lexington/Rockbridge Sexual Assault Investigator (city or county) Miles Kelly 540-463-7328
Lexington City Police   540-463-9177
Rockbridge County Sheriff   540-463-7328