Complaints, Concerns, Suggestions

If you wish to make a complaint, suggestion or raise an issue anonymously with the VMI inspector general (IG), you may post it at our Issues and Concerns webpage, or you may telephone the IG at 540-464-7702 and leave an anonymous message (no one will answer the phone, and the calling party‚Äôs number is NOT displayed).  The IG will look into the matter as appropriate.  

Personnel wishing to receive a reply must leave contact information.  Additionally, those contacting the IG using either the posting or telephone method are encouraged to provide as much detail as possible to allow for a thorough examination of the issue presented.

Academic/Conduct-Related Policies & Procedures

Cadet complaints and procedures pertaining to academics and conduct are published in the Rainbow Books, the Academic Regulations (Part IV of the Regulations for the Virginia Military Institute) and the VMI Catalogue. General Orders 06, 16, 17, and 55 provide additional regulatory and procedural information.

NC-SARA Complaint Process

For non-grade- or conduct-related complaints pertaining to distance education (e.g., accuracy of job placement data, tuition or fee information, programmatic accreditation, whether a program meets professional licensing requirements, or course transfer information) that cannot be resolved internally, students may contact the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) to initiate the external resolution process. Complaints of this nature fall under the auspices of the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA), which help ensure educational quality and offer consumer protection for students taking distance-learning courses/programs from other member state institutions.

Filing a Complaint with the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia

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