Wireless Network

VMI has high-speed wireless network capabilities on Post in select locations to allow users easy access the VMI network and the internet. Wireless technology gives users the freedom to access the internet and network resources without the limitations of being physically connected to the network infrastructure via wires. 

VMI offers two separate wireless networks: “VMI-Guest” and “VMI-Sentinel.” VMI Guest is open to the public and visitors to VMI. VMI-Sentinel is limited to VMI faculty, staff, and cadets. You must have valid VMI login credentials to connect to VMI-Sentinel. 

Connecting to VMI-Guest

How you connect depends on which operating system your device is running. Open the display of wireless networks that your device is seeing. The wireless network name is case sensitive. VMI Guest network will show up as VMI-Guest. If it is not exactly VMI-Guest, it may not be a VMI wireless network and may not be safe to connect.

Connecting to VMI-Sentinel

VMI-Sentinel is limited to Faculty, Staff, and Cadets only. You will need to have an active domain account to be able to logon to this wireless network.

For all devices: simply click to connect to VMI-Sentinel wireless network, enter your domain credentials as "vmi\username", and click connect