Cadet Computing

ⓘ All cadets will be required to own a laptop computer.

Please review the Computer Recommendations page in preparation for Fall 2023 before considering your purchase.

Cadets meeting certain financial qualifications may be eligible for a loaner laptop during their cadetship. Details are provided in the Policy for the Distribution of Institute owned Laptops to Cadets. 

IT offers system and software recommendations, instructional documents, technical repairs and troubleshooting. VMI recommended computer systems and software applications will always receive precedence over non-recommended applications and hardware. 

VMI IT ensures cadet computers are functioning properly on the VMI LAN.  Support priorities are: 

  • Network configuration for supported equipment.
  • Network configuration for non-supported equipment.
  • Software and hardware troubleshooting for supported equipment.
  • Software and hardware troubleshooting for non-supported equipment. 

Instructional Packet 

The Computer Instructional Packet - FAQ has been compiled to assist cadets with technical and computer requirements while attending VMI. 

Technical Help for Current Cadets 

Cadets receive computer assistance at the Barracks Help Desk. It is possible some non-recommended devices will receive no or very limited support, at the discretion of IT.   

If you need assistance with your laptop, take the laptop to the Barracks Help Desk in room C-01B.  If you have an older recommended model or a non-supported laptop, please bring your power adapter also.  If you have non-supported equipment, our staff will make a reasonable effort to get your machine connected and operational.  However, we will limit the amount of time that we spend troubleshooting ANY problem to no more than 30 minutes. 

VMI provides public computers for cadet use in some academic buildings, and in the Barracks Study Room (available 24/7). Barracks rooms are configured to allow access to the VMI network and the Internet via a wired and wireless connection. We recommend purchasing a CAT.5E or CAT.6 network cable (5-7 feet long). DO NOT purchase and/or bring any wireless extender/router devices as they are NOT allowed. 

VMI provides loaner laptops for checkout when a recommended model is being serviced. 


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