Furlough Study Abroad

VMI offers several spring furlough study abroad opportunities. These programs are administered by faculty program directors. For additional information, eligibility requirements, and application, please contact the respective faculty program director.  

Olmsted Study Abroad Program 
Maj. Jochen Arndt 
519 Scott Shipp Hall

Law of Armed Conflict Competition 
Col. Robert B. James, Jr.
107 Scott Shipp Hall, Workstation 11

Cadets take in the view from Masada, an ancient fortress in the Judean Desert of Israel, during the Olmsted sponsored trip over Spring Furlough.

It's an invaluable experience to go overseas and get put out of your comfort zone - understand other people, other cultures, and other ways of life. It really puts life in perspective and allows you to be more objective ... It opens your horizons and makes you want to learn more