Semester Study Abroad

Begin your adventure with three easy steps!

Line icon of globe with a magnifying glass on an orange circle

1. Conduct a search in our study abroad management system, Terra Dotta

Terra Dotta lets you research where you may want to go. You have the option of studying abroad with one of our approved study abroad providers or studying abroad as part of a military exchange. Terra Dotta will provide you with hundreds of results no matter where you want to go!


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2. Start an online application in Terra Dotta

To start an application, and since Terra Dotta is not connected with the VMI network, choose: “I do not have login credentials to this site” then follow the prompts.


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3. Connect with VMI's Study Abroad Advisor

Make an appointment with the study abroad advisor using our calendar. Click on your desired date and time, then log into the VMI portal to sign up for your appointment.


Photograph of Cadet Foster in London phone booth

There are different languages, clothes, foods, and customs in just about anywhere you go, but we are not really so different. I feel connected to people on a more global scale now. I don't feel as though my city or state or country are the only places I could ever be happy/comfortable


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