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Faculty Publications

To view the History Department's faculty publications select from the list below:


  • Slavery in the Middle East and North Africa, co-ed. with Kevin McNeer, Bloomsbury, submitted and forthcoming in 2023.
  • Russian Central Asia in the Works of Nikolai Karazin, 1842-1908: Ambivalent Triumph, Palgrave Macmillan, 2021
  • Russians in Iran: Diplomacy and Power in the Qajar Era and Beyond, co-ed. with Rudi Matthee, I.B.Tauris, 2018
  • Rusha dar Iran [Persian translation of Russians in Iran], translated by Mohammad Agha Jari, Ketabweb, 2020
  • Russia and Iran in the Great Game: Travelogues and Orientalism, Routledge, 2007.  Reprinted as a paperback in 2010
  • Rusiia va iran dar basi-ye bozorg. Safarnamehha va shargh geraii [Persian translation of Russia and Iran in the Great Game], translated by Dr. Elaheh Koolaee and Mohammad Kazem Shojaee, University of Tehran, 2009

Selected Articles

  • “Slavery on the Central Asian Steppe in the Works on Nikolai Karazin (1842-1908),” in Slavery in the Middle East and North Africa, co-ed. with Kevin McNeer, Bloomsbury, forthcoming in 2023
  • “The Transcaspian Railroad in the Works of Nikolai Karazin (1842-1908),” in Caspian World: The Caspian in the History of Early Modern and Modern Eurasia, ed. Kevin Gledhill and Kayhan Nejad, Cornell University Press, forthcoming in 2022. 
  • “Russian Government Action against Russian Deserters in Iran in the Nineteenth Century: Russian Orientalism at the State Level,” in Russians in Iran: Diplomacy and Power in the Qajar Era and Beyond, co-ed. with Rudi Matthee, I.B.Tauris, 2018
  • “Mazanderan in Russian Sources (19th and early 20th centuries),” Majmu’ye-i mogalaat-i nakhostin hamaayesh-i beynalmallali. Tarikh-i mahalli-yi Mazanderan (Proceedings of the First International Conference on Local History of Mazanderan), edited by Ali Ramazani Pachi, Havzhin Publishers, 2015
  • “Persian Cossack Brigade (1879-1921),” The Encyclopedia of Islam, 3rd edition, part 2016-4, Brill, 2016
  • “Discourse of Empathy: Images from Central Asia in the Works of Nikolai Karazin (1842 – 1908),” Orientality:  Cultural Orientalism and Mentality, Milano: Silvana Editoriale S.p.A., 2015  
  • “First Phase of Colonization: Russian Villages in Iran in the Early 20th century,” with Morteza Nouraei, Journal of the International Society for Iranian Studies, 46, no.3 (May 2013)
  • Guest editor, Special Issue: Power Interplay Between Iran and Russia from the Mid-Seventeenth to the Early Twenty-First Century, “Introduction,” with Maziar Behrooz, Journal of the International Society for Iranian Studies, 46, no. 3 (May 2013)
  • “Zapiski russkikh puteshestvennikov ob Irane,”[Russian for „Russian travelogues about Iran“], Irano-Slavika, Moscow, 2010, no.1(21)
  • “Mohajerin-i rus wa eskan-i anha dar iran awayel-i qarn-i bist: marhale-i digar az este’mar ,“ with Morteza Nouraei, [Persian version of “First Phase of Colonization”] Journal of Historic Research, Faculty of Letters and Humanities, University of Isfahan, Islamic Republic of Iran, Year 45, New Sequential, no. 4, Winter 2010
  • Karazin. Camp on Amu Daria,” translation from Russian, with Mark E. Woodcock, Metamorphosis, Spring 2010
  • "’Singer of the Caucasus’ Aliab'ev and the Beginning of Russian Orientalism in Music," in Muraqqa'e Sharqi: Studies in Honor of Peter Chelkowski, Aiep, Repubblica S Marino, 2007   
  • “Relationship between Iran and Russia,” Encyclopaedia Iranica, Ehsan Yarshater, University of Columbia, 2013
  • "Russians at the Court of Mahammad-Ali Shah," Encyclopaedia Iranica, ed. Ehsan Yarshater, University of Columbia, 2010
  • “Russian Travelers to Iran in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries,” Encyclopaedia Iranica, ed. Ehsan Yarshater, University of Columbia, 2005
  • “Travelogues of Berezin, a Nineteenth-Century Russian in Iran,” in Society and Culture in Qajar Iran: Studies in Honor of Hafez Farmayan, ed. Hafez F. Farmayan and Elton L. Daniel, Mazda Publishers, 2002

Work in progress:

  • Images of Russian Central Asia in the Works of Nikolai Karazin (1842-1908), Ambiguous Triumph under contract with Palgrave Macmillan 

Book Reviews:

  • Moritz Deutschmann, Iran and Russian Imperialism:  The ideal anarchists, 1800-1914 (London: Routledge, 2016), The Russian Review, forthcoming in July 2017
  • Evgeny Sergeev, The Great Game 1856-1907: Russo-British Relations in Central and East Asia (Washington: Woodrow Wilson Center Press, 2013), The Journal of Military History.
  • John W. Parker, Persian Dream: Moscow and Tehran Since the Fall of the Shah (Potomac Books, 2008), Political Science Quarterly, Winter 2009-2010.
  • John Tchalenko, Images from the Endgame:  Persia through a Russian Lens 1901-1914 (Saqi, 2006), Journal of the International Society for Iranian Studies, vol. 41, no. 4 (Sept 2008) 
  • Hooshang Talé with Farhad Talé, Iran in the Claws of the Bear: The Failed Soviet Landgrab of 1946 (iUniverse, 2007), The Journal of Military History, October 2007, Vol. 71, no. 4
  • Rudi Matthee, The Pursuit of Pleasure: Drugs and Stimulants in Iranian History, 1500-1900 (Princeton University Press, 2005), Irannameh, 2005.
  • Laurence Kelly, Diplomacy and Murder in Tehran: Alexander Griboedov and the Imperial Mission to the Shah of Iran, (I. B. Tauris, 2002), Iranian Studies, Vol. 36, No. 3 (September 2003).


  • Divided by the Word: Colonial Encounters and the Remaking of Zulu and Xhosa Identities(Charlottesville, VA: The University of Virginia Press, 2022; Johannesburg, South Africa: Wits University Press, 2022). 


  • “Engineered Zuluness: Language, Education, and Ethnic Identity in South Africa, 1835 1990,” Journal of the Middle East and Africa 10 (3) (Sep., 2019), 211-235.

  • “Struggles of Land, Language and Identity in Post-Apartheid South Africa: The Case of the Hlubi,” Journal of the Middle East and Africa 9 (1) (Jul., 2018): 1-26.

  • “What’s in a Word: Historicizing the Word ‘Caffre’ in European Discourses about Southern Africa, 1500-1800,” Journal of Southern African Studies 44 (1) (2018): 59-75.

  • “The True Napoleon of the West: General Winfield Scott’s Mexico City Campaign and the Origins of the U.S. Army’s Combined-Arms Combat Division,” The Journal of Military History 76 (3) (July 2012): 649-671. Distinguished Writing Award, Army Historical Foundation (2012).

  • “On Heroes and Villains: The Times’ Reporting on the Cape Colony’s Frontier Wars, 1818-1853,” South African Military History Journal/Krygshistoriese Tydskrif 15 (6) (December 2012): 207-214.

  • “Treacherous Savages & Merciless Barbarians: Knowledge, Discourse, and Violence during the Cape Frontier Wars, 1834 -1853,” The Journal of Military History 74 (3) (July 2010): 709-735.

  • “The First Mississippi Volunteer Regiment in the Mexican War, 1846-1848,” The Journal of Mississippi History 69 (1) (June 2007): 63-78.


  • Co-editor with Susanna Elm, The Late (Wild) Augustine (Paderborn: Ferdinand Schöningh Verlag/Brill, 2021).

Book Chapters

  • “Salvian the Homilist: A Fifth-Century Gallic Magister and his Audience,” in Gert Partoens, Anthony Dupont, and Shari Boodts (eds.), Ministerium Sermonis IV, Instrumenta Patristica et Mediaevalia (Turnhout: Brepols, forthcoming).
  • "Responding to Retractationes: The Reception of De ciuitate Dei in Gennadius of Marseilles’s De uiris illustribus 39,” in Gert Partoens, Anthony Dupont, and Marina Giani (eds.), St. Augustine’s De civitate Dei: Political Doctrine, Textual Transmission and Early Medieval Reception, Augustinus – Werk und Wirkung (Paderborn: Brill/Verlag Ferdinand Schöningh, forthcoming). 
  • “Rewilding the Late Augustine in Fifth-Century Gaul: Gennadius of Marseilles’s De uiris illustribus,” in Susanna Elm and Christopher M. Blunda (eds.), The Late (Wild) Augustine, Augustinus - Werk und Wirkung 11 (Paderborn: Verlag Ferdinand Schöningh, 2021), 181-211.\

Book Reviews

  • Review of The Myth of Pelagianism by Ali Bonner. Reading Religion. July 2020.
  • Review of Being Christian in Vandal Africa: The Politics of Orthodoxy in the Post-Imperial West by Robin Whelan. Reading Religion. January 2019.


Aristocratic Education and the Making of the American Republic. Chapel Hill: University of

North Carolina Press, 2020.

*Finalist, 2021 George Washington Book Prize, awarded by Mount Vernon, Gilder Lehrman Institute, and Washington College

Co-editor with Nora Slonimsky and Ben Wright, American Revolutions in the Digital Age (under contract with Cornell University Press, to be published 2023).


Articles and Book Chapters

“Histories of Nineteenth-Century Education and the Civil War Era,” Journal of the Civil War Era, Vol. 11, no. 2 (June 2022): 234–61.

“From Property to Education: Public Schooling, Race, and the Transformation of Suffrage in the

Early National North.” Journal of the Early Republic, Vol. 41, no. 3 (Fall 2021): 435–69.

“The Great Awakening, Presbyterian Education, and the Mobilization of Power in the

Revolutionary Mid-Atlantic.” In The American Revolution Reborn, edited by Michael

Zuckerman and Patrick Spero, 168–83. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2016.

“The Litchfield Network: Education, Social Capital, and the Rise and Fall of a Political Dynasty, 1784–1833.” Journal of the Early Republic, Vol. 34, no. 4 (Winter 2014): 561–595.

“Doughfaces at the Founding: Federalists, Anti-Federalists, Slavery, and the Ratification of the

Constitution in New York.” New York History, Vol. 93, no. 3 (Summer 2012): 187–218.


Articles and Book Chapters in Progress

“The Declaration of Independence in the Age of Jackson,” invited submission for a volume edited by Robert M.S. McDonald and Seanegan Sculley, to be published by University of Virginia Press.



16 reviews for a variety of journals, including Journal of American History, Journal of Interdisciplinary History, Journal of Southern History, William and Mary Quarterly



  • The Brusilov Offensive, in Decisive Battles of the Twentieth-Century Series.  Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2008.
  • Russia at War, 2 vols. Editor. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, 2014.
  • Personal Perspectives, World War I.  Editor.  Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, 2005.
  • Personal Perspectives, World War II.  Editor.  Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, 2005.


  • "The Eastern Front", 1914-1918 online.  International Encyclopedia of the First World War sponsored by the Free University of Berlin, the Bavarian State Library, and the German Research Fund, 2013.
  • "The Brusilov Offensive," Essays on World War I.  In the Center for Hungarian Studies and Publications Series, Eastern European Monographs. Edited by Peter Pastor and Graydon Tunstall.  New York: Columbia University Press, 2012. Pp. 89-110.


  • Review of Anne Applebaum, Iron Curtain: The Crushing of Eastern Europe, 1944-1956.  Mars & Clio, July 2014.
  • Review of Guenther Bischof, Fritz Plasser, and Barbara Stelzl-Marx, eds.  New Perspectives on Austrians and World War II.  Global War Studies (electronic journal), September 2012.
  • Review of David Fraser’s Daviborshch’s Cart:  Narrating the Holocaust in Australian War Crimes Trials.  H-German electronic network, August 2012.
  • Review of Sean McMeekin’s The Russian Origins of the First World War.  Journal of Military History, April 2012.


  • "Kosciuszko at West Point", presented by invitation to the "Purest Son of Freedom" conference held at the Hungarian National Military Museum to commemorate the Kosciuszko Memorial Year, 27 September 2017
  • "Ethnic Minorities and the Russian War Effort, 1914-1917", presented by invitation to the Forschungskolloquium zu neuer europaische Geschichte at the Free University of Berlin, January 2015.
  • "Now *This* Is the War We All Wanted: Why the Eastern Front Matters", presented by invitation to the conference, A Struggle on Five “Fronts”: World War I in Embassies, on Land, at Sea, at Home, and within Coalitions, co-sponsored by UNC-Chapel Hill, King’s College, London, and the Triangle Institute for Security Studies, 2014.
  • "Losing Isn't Everything: The Role of Russian Politics in the Russo-Japanese War", presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Military History, Washington, D.C., 2012.

Journal Articles

  • “The Fight for Fair Training: Fair Employment, Defense Worker Training, and the African American Civil Rights Movement in the South, 1940-45.” Journal of Southern History 88, no. 3 (August 2022): 501-538. 
  • “Contesting the Great Compression: The National Labor Relations Board and Skilled Workers’ Struggle to Control Wage Differentials, 1935-1955.” Journal of Policy History 32, no. 2 (Spring 2020): 183-213.  


  • Cultura militar española: modernistas, tradicionalistas y liberales. Madrid: Biblioteca Nueva, 2014.
  • War and Insurgency in the Western Sahara. Carlisle, PA: Strategic Studies Institute, 2013.
  • Ed., Warfare in Europe, 1919-1938. (Aldershot, UK: Ashgate, 2008).
  • Franco: Soldier, Commander, Dictator. Washington D.C.: Potomac, 2005.
  • Irrational Triumph: Cultural Despair, Military Nationalism, and the Ideological Origins of Franco’s Spain. Reno: University of Nevada Press, 2002.
  • Co-ed., War in the Age of Technology: Myriad Faces of Modern Armed Conflict. New York: New York University Press, 2001.

Selected Book Chapters:

  • “War and the Military,” in Adrian Shubert and José Álvarez Junco, eds., The History of Modern Spain: Chronologies, Themes, Individuals (Bloomsbury, 2017), pp. 327-342.  [Spanish edition: Nueva historia contemporánea de la España contemporánea (1808-2018) (London: Galaxia Gutenberg, 2018).]
  • “Muslim Soldiers in a Spanish Crusade: Tomás García Figueras, Mulai Ahmed er Raisuni, and the Ideological Context of Spain’s Moroccan Soldiers”, in Eric Storm and Ali Al Tuma, eds., Colonial Soldiers in Europe, 1914-1945: “Aliens in Uniform” in Wartime Societies (Oxford: Routledge, 2016).
  • “Military Memories, History, and the Myth of Hispano-Arabic Identity in the Spanish Civil War,” in Aurora Morcillo, ed., Memory and Cultural History of the Spanish Civil War: Realms of Oblivion (Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2013).
  • "Rico Avello en Marruecos," in Juan Pan-Montojo, ed., El sueño republicano de Manuel Rico Avello (1886-1939). (Madrid: Biblioteca Nueva, 2011).
  • “Dangerous Neutrality: Spain, the Great War, and Modern Catalan Nationalism,” in Douglas Mackaman and Michael Mays, eds., World War I and the Cultures of Modernity (Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 2000), pp. 117-124.

Selected Articles:

  • "Tyranny, Communism, and U.S. Policy in Equatorial Guinea, 1968-1979," Diplomatic History 43, n. 4 (Sept 2019), pp. 699-728.
  • “The Spanish-Moroccan Military Campaigns in the Context of European Colonial History,” RUHM, Vol. 8, Nº 16 (2019), pp. 17-40.
  • “Military Consequences of Cultural Perceptions: The Spanish Army in Morocco, 1912-1927,” Journal of the Middle East and Africa 8, n. 2 (April-June 2017), pp. 135-150.
  • “Recepción literaria y cultura bélica: la Generación del 98, Ricardo Burguete, y el nacionalismo militar en España,” Bulletin of Spanish Studies, Vol. LXXXIV, n. 7 (2007), pp. 871-888.
  • “The Peculiarities of ‘Spanish Morocco’: Imperial Ideology and Economic Development,” Mediterranean Historical Review 20, n. 1 (2005), pp. 80-101.
  • “Military Nationalism and the State: The Case of Fin-de-Siècle Spain,” Nations and Nationalism 6, n. 2 (April 2000), pp. 257-274.
  • “Moral Strength through Material Defeat? The Consequences of 1898 for Spanish Military Culture,” War & Society 17, n. 2 (Oct. 1999), pp. 25-39. 


  • Taking Off:  The Foundations of American Commercial Aviation, 1918-1938. College Station: Texas A&M University Press, 2019.

  • Associate Editor, Encyclopedia of Military Science. Edited by G. Kurt Piehler and M. Houston Johnson V. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications, 2013.


  • “Corps Commander: General Leonard T. Gerow’s Contributions to the Normandy Campaign,” Global War Studies (forthcoming, 2022)

  •  “The Air War: Germany and Italy.” In The Oxford Handbook on World War II, edited by Kurt Piehler, 237-255. New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 2023. 

  • "Laying Foundations: New Deal Public Works and Aviation Infrastructure." Journal of Policy History vol. 30, no. 4 (Fall 2018).

  • “‘A Honey of a Field:’ The Development of McGhee Tyson Airport, 1927-1937.” Journal Of East Tennessee History vol. 89, 2017.


  • Review of Harnessing the Airplane: American and British Cavalry Responses to a New Technology, 1903-1939 By Lori A Henning, Journal of Military History, July 2020.

  • Review of Transportation and the American People, By H. Roger Grant, History: Reviews of New Books 48/4, 2020.

  • Review of On Desperate Ground: The Marines at the Reservoir, the Korean War’s Greatest Battle, By Hampton Sides, Journal of Military History, April 2019.
  • Review of Beneficial Bombing: The Progressive Foundations of American Air Power, 1917-1945, by Mark Clodeflter. War In History Book Reviews 22/3, July 2015.

  • Review of The Next War in the Air: Britain’s Fears of the Bomber, 1908-1941, by Brett Holman. Journal of Military History, October 2014.

  • Review of Empire of the Air: Aviation and the American Ascendancy by Jenifer van Vleck. Journal of Military History, April 2014.


  • “When America Took to the Air.” With Good Reason with Sarah McConnell. National Public Radio, August 30, 2014.

  • “Northrop Grumman.” In the Encyclopedia of Military Science. Edited by G. Kurt Piehler and M. Houston Johnson V. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications, 2013.

  • Co-author, “Physical Fitness.” In the Encyclopedia of Military Science. Edited by G. Kurt Piehler and M. Houston Johnson V. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications, 2013.


  • “Weather and the Jacobite Rebellion of 1719” Environment and History, 23, no. 2 (2017): 197-216
  • “Herring Politics: The Decline of the Northern Scottish Herring Fishing Industry c. 1660-1707” International Journal of Maritime History, 31, no. 4 (2019)
  • “The Cold Pulse of the 1690s and the Consequences of Scotland's Failure to Cope” Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 389 (2020)


  • Britain’s Economic Blockade of Germany, 1914-1919. London: Frank Cass, 2004.
  • Cruisers and Battle Cruisers: A History of their Impact. Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO, 2004.
  • Destroyers. Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO, 2004.
  • The Battle of Heligoland Bight. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2006. 
  • The Battle of Megiddo Palestine, 1918: Combined Arms and the Last Great Cavalry Charge, Warwick: Helion & Company, 2023. 


  • "The Ulcer of the Mughal Empire:  The Mughal Maratha Wars 1680-1707." Small Wars and Insurgencies, Vol. 31 (5), 2020, 988-1009 
  • “Clear Victories and Messy Conclusions: Reflections on the British Victory at Megiddo (1918) and its Consequences for the Post-War World.” Historian, Vol. 80 (3), Fall 2018, 497-508.
  • “The Naval War of World War One,” for Published in August 2014.
  • Five essays on topics in Indian History for the World at War: Understanding Conflict and Society. ABC-CLIO, 2012.
  • “People Come First:  Admiral Harry Felt.”  Case Studies of Operational, Strategic, Diplomatic, and Naval Leadership.  Naval War College, 2010.
  • “International Law versus Military Expediency: Great Britain’s World War I Economic Blockade of Germany.” Appeared in Proceedings of the American Historical Association, 2004.

Book Reviews:

  • Book Review of Terrell Gottschall: By Order of the Kaiser: Otto von Diederichs and the Rise of the Imperial German Navy, 1865-1902. Appeared 2003 in Journal of Military History
  • Book Review of Martin Horn: Britain, France, and the Financing of the First World War. Appeared 2004 in Journal of Military History
  • Book Review of Kevin Stubbs: Race to the Front: The Material Foundations of Coalition Strategy in the Great War. Appeared 2004 in Journal of Military History

Book Reviews:

Lawrence McDonnell, Performing Disunion: The Coming of the Civil War in Charleston, South Carolina (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018), H-Nationalism, forthcoming.

William L. Barney, Rebels in the Making: The Secession Crisis and the Birth of the Confederacy (New York: Oxford University Press, 2020), The Annals of Iowa, 80, no. 2 (2021).

William Cooper, Approaching Civil War and Southern History (Baton Rouge: LSU Press, 2019), Journal of the Civil War Era, 10, no. 3 (2020).

Erik Mathisen, The Loyal Republic: Traitors, Slaves, and the Remaking of Citizenship in Civil War America (Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 2018), Journal of Southern History, 85, no. 4 (2019).

Bloody Engagements: John R. Kelso’s Civil War. Christopher Grass, ed. (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2017), Civil War History, 64, no. 3 (2018).

Louis P. Masur, Lincoln's Last Speech: Wartime Reconstruction and the Crisis of Reunion (New York: Oxford University Press, 2015), Newsletter for the Society of Civil War Historians, Winter 2017.

Wallace Hettle, The Confederate Homefront: A History in Documents (Baton Rouge: LSU Press, 2017), The Civil War Monitor, October 2017.

Anne Sarah Rubin, Through the Heart of Dixie: Sherman’s March and American Memory (UNC Press, 2014), American Nineteenth Century History, May 2016.

Jonathan White, Emancipation, The Union Army, and the Reelection of Abraham Lincoln (LSU Press, 2014), Civil War History, 61, no. 4 (2015).


  • Forbidden Affairs: Sexual Deviance in the Spanish Texas-Coahuila Borderlands (under contract with Texas Tech University Press, Global Borderlands Series). 

Journal Article: 

  • “Love, Infidelity, and Correspondence in Spanish Texas, 1734-1737,” Journal of Women’s History, 35, no. 2 (Summer 2023): 73-96.  

 Encyclopedia Entries: 

  • “Eulalia Ramos Sanchez.” In South America: From European Contact to Independence, edited by H. Micheal Tarver and Carlos E. Marquez, ABC-CLIO, forthcoming. 
  • “Maria Josefa Granados.” In Tejanos Through Time: Selections from the Handbook of Tejano History edited by Emilio Zamora and Andres Tijerina. Texas State Historical Association, 2017. 
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  • “LaBorde House.” Handbook of Texas Online, April 28, 2015.
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  • “Sarah Vega.” In An Encyclopedia of American Women at War: From the Home Front to the Battlefields, edited by Lisa Tendrich Frank, ABC-CLIO, 2013 

Book Reviews: 

  • William S. Kiser, Illusions of Empire: The Civil War and Reconstruction in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands for The Journal of Military History, 87, no. 2 (2023): 510-511. 
  • Glen Sample Ely, Murder in Montague: Frontier Justice and Retribution in Texas for The New Mexico Historical Review, forthcoming, 2023. 
  • Mark Santiago, A Bad Peace and A Good War: Spain and the Mescalero Apache Uprising of 1795–1799 for The Journal of Military History, 84, no. 2 (2020): 584. 
  • Robin Varnum, Alvar Nuñez Cabeza de Vaca: American Trailblazer for The Texas Gulf Historical and Biographical Record, 52 (2016):77-79. 
  • Arnoldo De León ed., War Along the Border: The Mexican Revolution and the Tejano Communities  for May 6, 2013.
  • Kathryn Burns, Into the Archive: Writing and Power in Colonial Peru, for Schuylkill Graduate Journal: Bondage and Power -- Special Issue 10, no. 2, Spring 2012.
  • Ann Farnsworth-Alvear,  Dulcinea in the Factory: Myths, Morals, Men, and Women in Colombia's Industrial Experiment, 1905–1960  for March 13, 2012. 

Public Writing & Interviews: 

VMI: Forging 21st Century Leaders