Degrees and Programs

The Department of International Studies and Political Science offers a challenging interdisciplinary major in international studies (IS) emphasizing political science, foreign language, history, and economics. The IS curriculum is designed to educate men and women for leadership roles in the global community and provides broad training in the liberal arts with a strong emphasis on the development of communications skills, both written and oral; the ability to think analytically and critically in the field, and on providing a strong understanding of the major ethical questions central to the study of international relations/political science.

Many IS majors go on to earn graduate degrees from top institutions. IS majors are highly qualified for careers in the Armed Forces, other forms of government service, international business and industry, and for numerous other fields requiring a broad liberal arts background.

As part of their degree, IS majors are strongly encouraged to complete either a study abroad or internship experience.

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Asian Studies Minor
  • International Studies and Political Science Minor
  • National Security Minor
  • Interdisciplinary Studies in Latin America Concentration