Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior and the mental, emotional, and physical processes associated with behavior. 

Students drawn to psychology must be willing to extend the boundaries of their knowledge about human behavior, develop mature and ethical values, learn to distinguish between valuable and trivial information, and acquire the broad perspective necessary to influence and shape the world around them.

Students gain a solid knowledge of psychological terms, concepts, theories, methods, and issues. They develop the ability to gather and synthesize information from a variety of sources, inside and outside the classroom, and learn about the human condition.

Degrees and Programs

Major(s): Psychology

Degree(s): Bachelor of Science (B.S.)


Psychology in the News

Find out more about the department's cadets and faculty in recent VMI news.

The Cadet Collective: Benjamin Fong ’27

Finding VMI and all it offers was by chance. While looking at options for college, Benjamin Fong '27 sought out an ROTC scholarship. That meant selecting schools with ROTC options. He clicked Virginia Military Institute but had never heard of it.  

Katie Grochalski, part of the VMI Rifle team.

Behind the Balance: Katie Grochalski ’24 — Keydet Rifle

Katie Grochalski ’24 found that rifle served as her own personal time, something that she could devote only to herself. The solid black powder, the popping of rifles, it had a calming effect on her, so much so that she could even fall asleep at the range.  

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