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In the News

VMI cadet Grand Swinehart in Lexington.

Behind the Balance: Grant Swinehart ’24 — Keydet Football

Grant Swinehart knows a lot about dedication and it’s something that VMI head football coach Danny Rocco recognized. Prior to the season, Swinehart was awarded the number 0 which is a new tradition started by Rocco. Each year, number zero will be given to the captain of the special teams.

A student with a professor doing research at VMI, a military college in Virginia

SURI: Transformational Leadership Among VMI Cadets and the Psychological Motivation Link

Leadership is one of the foundations of Virginia Military Institute. The concept is something Anthony Cruz Fernandez-Grimes ’25 is exploring for his summer research project.  

Student doing summer undergraduate research at VMI, a military college in Virginia

SURI: Exploring the Link Between Athletes, Family Influence, and Anxiety Scores

This summer, Caragh Osborne ‘24 is conducting a study focused on anxiety symptom scores among athletes and non-athletes, examining the impact of family influence on the decision to attend college and its potential correlation with anxiety levels.  

Student presenting during Honors Week at VMI, a military college in Virginia

Dyslexic Cadet Focuses Research on ADHD and Dyslexia for Honors Week Presentation

Claire Curtis focused her Honors Week discussion on two fairly common learning differences: ADHD, which is characterized by hyperactivity, inattention, and impulsiveness; and dyslexia, a disorder personal to Curtis, and characterized by issues in reading, writing, and understanding written language.

Cadets at VMI meet with members of Braver Angels in Marshall Hall.

VMI Promotes Civil Discourse Through Debate Program

VMI has been designated as one of only ten colleges in the nation to be named a “Community of Practice” from Braver Angels, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting civil discourse, in their College Debates and Discourse Program, through a grant from the John Templeton Foundation.

Developmental Psychology class cadets at Augusta Correctional Center

VMI Psych Class Visits Correctional Center

Lt. Col. Sara Whipple, associate professor of psychology, wanted to provide a way for the students in her Developmental Psychology course to connect the knowledge they have learned in class to a real world environment, so she recently took them on a field trip to Augusta Correctional Center.

Post Briefs VMI overlay on fall foliage on post

Post Briefs, November 2022

VMI faculty members continue to be recognized and win awards for their excellence in teaching, research, and public service.

John Wang ‘22

Family Inspiration Leads to Law School Aspirations

John Wang '22 is a psychology major who grew up in Taiwan and California. After graduation, he hopes to go to law school like his uncle, John Kao '91. On post, Wang currently serves as an assistant investigator for the OGA.

Photo of VMI cadets posing in front of conference at the 2021 SoCon Undergraduate Research Forum (SURF).

“SURFers” Share Research Projects

Maj. Sarah Patterson and Maj. Blain Patterson from the Department of Applied Mathematics had the privilege of accompanying 11 cadets as they presented their research on a variety of topics, ranging from identifying glycans with neural networks to women in counterterrorism.

Josie Freeman '23 works on her laptop computer

SURI Project Seeks Motivation for Memes

“Memes are just an interesting concept.” That’s what Josie Freeman ’23 has to say about her Summer Undergraduate Research Institute project, “Motivation for Memes.”

VMI: Forging 21st Century Leaders