International Studies Degree

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

The Department of International Studies and Political Science offers a challenging interdisciplinary major in international studies (IS) emphasizing political science, foreign language, history, and economics. The IS curriculum is designed to educate men and women for leadership roles in the global community and provides broad training in the liberal arts with a strong emphasis on the development of communications skills, both written and oral; the ability to think analytically and critically in the field, and on providing a strong understanding of the major ethical questions central to the study of international relations/political science.

Degree Requirements & Year-by-Year Course Planning


The department offers a two semester Honors program open to all qualified IS majors.


The purpose of the Asian Studies Minor is to support the study of Asia on post and develop “citizens of character who anticipate, respond, and lead in a complex and changing world.” This academic experience is designed to rigorously educate cadets on the affairs of East, Central, South, and Southeast Asia. Cadets can design their program of study to focus on a particular country, such as China or India, or enroll in courses that cover a variety of topics in order gain a rich understanding of the region.

Cadets who pursue the International Studies and Political Science minor complete nine required credits and nine elective credits including courses covering government, national security, and foreign policy.

Cadets may also choose to embark on a twenty-one credit-hour curriculum leading to a National Security Minor (NSM). This minor is especially valuable for academically ambitious cadets who intend to pursue:

  • Graduate study in the fields of international security, foreign policy, or strategic studies.
  • Careers in the military or civilian sectors related to matters of national security such as intelligence, diplomacy, area studies, and international relations.




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