Arriving and Getting Around

Where to Park

Parking will be available on the Parade Ground, weather permitting, based on your reporting time that you receive from the Admissions Department. The entrance to Post is through Jordan’s Point and the entrance to the parade ground will be in front of Marshall Museum.  We will have parking attendants there to assist you.    

Handicapped Parking - Spots for handicapped parking are located throughout post.  Additional parking for vehicles with handicapped hangtags and license plates is in the parking garage of the Corps Physical Training Facility.  A shuttle location at the front of Cameron Hall provides access to all of main Post.  If a van with a lift is required, ask any shuttle operator and a special van will be dispatched to your location.

Shuttle - Shuttle services will be provided from VMI Post locations to Cameron Hall from 7:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

Matriculation Map

Barracks Check-In / Unloading Baggage

New cadets should carry their luggage to Barracks from the Parade Ground parking area if possible. If you need to move your vehicle in front of the Barracks to unload, follow these procedures:

  1. Exit the Parade Ground parking at the designated spot and travel around the Parade Ground in a counter-clockwise direction. VMI officials will direct you.
  2. Unload baggage in front of Barracks where directed. A driver must stay with the vehicle. (airport-style drop off.)
  3. Immediately after unloading, proceed through the semi-circle and back to the Parade Ground parking.

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