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Frequent Questions

ATM Locations - There are two ATM machines located on Post.  One is in Lejeune Hall Food Court and the second one is located in Daniel's Courtyard.

Shuttle to Cameron information - The Shuttle departs from the corner of Parade Avenue and Letcher Avenue, in front of Moody Hall, and will drop off passengers at Cameron Hall (corner of Diamond and Main Street). 

When to change into gym uniform - Cadets should change into athletic uniform after lunch. They are required to be in their athletic uniform with a name tag for the 3:00 p.m. Superintendent’s Welcome in Cameron Hall. Cadets should keep one set of civilian clothes (appropriate for traveling) with them and store items with their luggage.

Restrooms - Restroom facilities are available in Cameron Hall, Lejeune Hall.

Where to put luggage - Personal items should remain in the vehicle until the Matriculation in Cameron Hall and the Matriculation Fair processes are completed, and then cadets will be allowed to check into Barracks. 

Can parents/family/friends help carry luggage to the room?  Due to the pandemic, we are only allowing one parent to accompany the incoming cadet to carry his/her luggage into barracks.

Parents Council - Information regarding the Parents Council can be found at www.vmi.edu/parentscouncil.

Where to eat lunch - Lunch opportunities will be available at locations to be determined.  Tickets for boxed lunches will be sold at the Parent Council Tent.  It is important that new cadets eat during this time and to drink plenty of fluids with the meal.  There are numerous restaurants available in Lexington as well. It is not appropriate for new cadets to leave VMI while wearing their gym uniform. 

Network cable and other needs - Information Technology will have a table to answer questions as a part of the Matriculation Fair.

When can rats read/send an email?  New cadets have email access once classes begin.