The staff of the VMI Infirmary does not release medical information to parents, professors, the Institute administration, or anyone else without permission from the cadet, except in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.   Current law allows us to notify family and appropriate VMI staff when there is a life-threatening emergency or if the student is incapable of giving permission.

Protocol for notification of parent or guardian:

  1. When cadets are seen in the Infirmary for routine illnesses or injuries, the nurse or provider will not routinely call the parent or guardian. 

  2. If a cadet stays in the Infirmary due to illness, the nurse will ask the cadet if he or she wishes the nurse to share information with a parent/guardian if they call. The nurse will document that in the medical records.

  3. If a bill is going to be generated from outside of the Infirmary (labs, x-rays, off-Post visits, ER visits, etc), the nurse or provider will recommend that the cadet speak directly with a parent or guardian concerning insurance coverage and the medical situation.

  4. If a cadet is confused or too uncomfortable, or if it is an urgent situation, the nurse or provider will ask the cadet for permission to contact a parent or guardian regarding the medical status. 

  5. If a cadet is incapacitated due to an injury or illness, the nurse or provider will contact the emergency contact listed on the cadet’s health records.

 For cadet appointments and medical questions, please send an email to or call the Infirmary at 540-464-7218.

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