• A nurse is available 24/7 without an appointment
  • The Institute Physician staffs walk-in sick call Monday - Saturday at 7:00 a.m.
  • Appointments with the doctor or nurse practitioner are free of charge Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Medications at the Infirmary:
The Infirmary has a licensed pharmacy that allows us to dispense some of the most commonly prescribed medications free or at a low cost. The most commonly used over-the-counter medications are also available to the cadet at no extra cost.

Prescriptions from off Post:
Prescriptions not available at the Infirmary or any prescription that the cadet wishes to have filled off Post may be obtained through a number of local pharmacies, including one that will deliver directly to the Infirmary. For assistance in getting a prescription delivered from an off Post pharmacy, please report to the Infirmary to speak with a nurse. To save time, please bring a debit or credit card (for insurance co-payments and delivery fees) and current health insurance or prescription card.

ADHD Information
The VMI Infirmary requires formal psychological testing as part of the diagnostic workup for suspected Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), including primarily inattentive type. The diagnosis should not be based solely on testing but must be supported by testing. The diagnosis should be made based on testing, history/rating scales, and clinical interview/mental status exam to include a social and emotional evaluation.

The influenza vaccine is offered each year to cadets free of charge. The Infirmary hosts an annual influenza clinic in mid to late October. Cadets are highly encouraged to have the influenza vaccine. Notification emails will be sent to cadets prior to the clinic.

Influenza vaccine information sheet from CDC

Cadets who receive allergy shots may store their serum at the Infirmary and have the injections administered by the nurse when the Nurse Practitioner or Physician are on site. Cadets are asked to make arrangements with the nurse to pick up serum prior to leaving Post for furloughs.

Some routine laboratory tests can be done at the Infirmary free or at reduced rates. Other tests can be collected at the Infirmary and sent to a local laboratory for testing. Charges for tests sent out to a laboratory will be the responsibility of the cadet. The cadet can opt to have his or her student account billed at reduced rates, but insurance cannot be billed by the Infirmary.

X-rays, MRIs or other procedural testing are scheduled at the local hospital when needed and the cadet is responsible for these charges (usually insurance is billed). If prior authorization is required by the cadet's insurance, the Infirmary staff will assist when possible.

Referrals can be made by the Physician or Nurse Practitioner to a number of specialists in the area if needed. If prior authorization is required by the cadet's insurance, the Infirmary staff will assist when possible.

If a cadet would like a second opinion from a provider off Post, the Infirmary can assist in arranging that appointment. Contact 540-464-7218 or for assistance. The cadet will be responsible for charges from a provider off Post.

Beds are available for a cadet to stay at the Infirmary if he or she has had a recent surgical procedure off Post. Newly renovated, the Infirmary has state-of-the-art hospital beds to make a cadet's stay more comfortable until he or she can safely return to barracks. A nurse staffs the Infirmary 24 hours a day and can assist the cadet with post-surgical needs, as well as medication administration.

 For cadet appointments and medical questions, please send an email to or call the Infirmary at 540-464-7218.

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