The biology department provides focused studies in the biological sciences to prepare students for post-graduate education in the biological and health fields and allow for specialization that matches their interests. 

Our faculty believe interaction in the classroom, laboratory, and on an individual basis is critical in the development of successful biology majors. Class sizes are small, laboratories accompany most courses, advising is conducted on an individual basis, and undergraduate research is encouraged.

  • 36% of majors entered post-graduate degree programs
  • 24% entered health professions 
  • 30% accepted a commission in the military
  • Small class sizes –  average student to faculty ratio is 12 to 1

Biology majors benefit from:

  • a broad understanding of biological principles, as well as interactions within living systems and among organisms;  
  • opportunities to pursue areas of specific interest within the biological sciences, allow flexibility in course selection, as well as courses that will provide in-depth education in a specific area; 
  • experiences that aid in scientific training by teaching students to function independently in an experience involving research that will foster creativity, scientific curiosity, independence of thought, and expression;
  • opportunities to develop an appreciation for the impact of the biological sciences on society;
  • preparation for pursuit of future education and careers following graduation from the Institute.