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Student performing research at Virginia Military Institute, a military college in Virginia

SURI: Heavy Loads and Harsh Environments – The Effects on the Human Body

Caroline Lassalle ’25 has always had a strong desire to learn about exercise science and work in the medical field. The biology major spent five weeks last summer becoming a certified emergency medical technician (EMT) at Virginia Military Institute.

A student conducting research over the summer at VMI, a military college in Virginia.

SURI: Exploring the Effects of Nicotine on Antidepressants in Betta Fish

Ellie Pickford '24 stood before a small glass tank, peering intently at the colorful Betta fish swimming within. Her summer research project was well underway, and she was determined to unlock the mysteries behind the interactions between nicotine and antidepressants. 

Students during the 2023 commencement ceremony at VMI, a military college in Virginia

VMI Holds Commencement for Class of 2023

Pride, honor, and dignity filled Cameron Hall as Virginia Military Institute held its commencement ceremony and conferred degrees on the Class of 2023 Tuesday, May 16.

3D model of a COX-2 protein molecule using ChimeraX

Computer Software Brings Wonderment and Support to Chemistry

Visualizing three-dimensional (3D) molecules on a two-dimensional piece of paper can be a struggle for any chemistry student. Lt. Col. Dan Harrison ’05, associate professor in the Department of Chemistry, used his experience with research software to find a tool to address this challenge.

Student conducting research in Israel with the Department of Biology at VMI, a military college in Virginia

Soybean Research Project Taken Abroad During Spring Furlough

Entering Virginia Military Institute, Chris Kushner ’24 signed up for a Biology 111 class with Col. Anne Alerding. Little did he know that when he was asked to join a research project, it would be something he would continue throughout his time at VMI. 

Student presenting during Honors Week at VMI, a military college in Virginia

Dyslexic Cadet Focuses Research on ADHD and Dyslexia for Honors Week Presentation

Claire Curtis focused her Honors Week discussion on two fairly common learning differences: ADHD, which is characterized by hyperactivity, inattention, and impulsiveness; and dyslexia, a disorder personal to Curtis, and characterized by issues in reading, writing, and understanding written language.

Air Force helicopter landing on the parade ground to take cadets in Air Force ROTC for a ride.

Andrews Air Force Base Brings Helicopters to VMI

Air Force ROTC cadets took to the air on Dec. 1, thanks to the 1st Helicopter Squadron out of Andrews Air Force Base.. The squadron provided quick incentive flights over VMI and Lexington for nearly 175 cadets.

Post Briefs VMI overlay on fall foliage on post

Post Briefs, November 2022

VMI faculty members continue to be recognized and win awards for their excellence in teaching, research, and public service.

Chris Kushner ’24 displays his award-winning poster

VMI Cadet Earns Conference Recognition

Chris Kushner ’24, a biology major and honors student at Virginia Military Institute, took his research and some creativity to a recent virtual conference and came away with deserved recognition from the judges.

VMI cadet, Noah Campbell ’24 works in the biology lab for his Summer Undergraduate Research Institute (SURI) project. -VMI Photo by Kelly Nye.

VMI Cadet Researches Stress in Rats

Life is full of stress. Everyone experiences stress in some form. It may be induced by your living environment. Noah Campbell ’24, a biology major at Virginia Military Institute is researching stress in his Summer Undergraduate Research Institute (SURI) project.

VMI: Forging 21st Century Leaders