Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Approximately 30% of our majors go to medical or dental school.

Yes. We have such agreements with a number of medical schools, including VCU, EVMS, and VCOM.

Our majors enter programs in pharmacy, nursing, physician assistant, physical therapy, forensics, health administration. 

Many of our majors have completed their Masters or Ph.D. programs and hold government, industry and academic positions.

Many businesses and biotechnology companies hire our majors to be research technicians.

We have a teacher certification program which will prepare you for a career in secondary education.

A third of our majors commission first before making a career decision.

Many of our majors are supported through: 

  • Military scholarships
  • Athletic scholarships
  • Institute Scholar fellowships
  • Merit scholarships
  • Student aid assistance
  • Work study program support 

Yes, approximately 30% of our majors commission after graduation.

Yes, through the Army, Air Force, or Navy.

No. Unless you are on a Navy scholarship you can take Quantitative Methods I-II.

Yes. We have majors that represent most all of the NCAA sports at VMI. Many of our majors use summer coursework or research programs to lighten their academic years course loads.

Contact Admissions, sign up for an open house weekend, or contact the Biology Department to arrange a special visit.  

The largest class you will have at VMI will be approximately 25 students in some freshman classes, but the average upper level class size is 12.


Our majors average 16-18 credit hours per semester.

During your first year, you will see your advisor once or twice a week, and several times a month for lunch.  We welcome you to visit as often as you like.

We are currently matriculating approximately 45 majors per year. During any given year we have at total of 120 majors in the department.

The instructor’s door is always open to students who need help. VMI’s Learning Center organizes review sessions for many of the freshman courses.

VMI has both the Writing Center and Math Center to assist you.

Yes, our BA degree in biology allows for extra free credits for just this purpose.