Disabilities Services

The Office of Disabilities Services supports the academic success, personal growth and development of life and leadership skills for cadets in a manner that promotes self-awareness, self-determination, and self-advocacy.

We are committed to meeting ethical and legal responsibilities to ensure equitable educational access to cadets with documented disabilities.  ODS also serves as a resource to the VMI community to encourage awareness and understanding regarding disabilities issues in higher education.

Cadets with documented disabilities are encouraged to schedule a meeting with the Director of ODS as early as possible to allow adequate time for review of documentation, to allow for a thorough assessment of academic needs, and to familiarize new cadets with administrative procedures.

Receiving Academic Accommodations in College

The legislation governing disability accommodations in postsecondary schools is different from high school.  Whereas high school students are entitled to many accommodations, college students have a right to “reasonable accommodations.” More information on regulations and policies related to disabilities services in higher education is available from the Department of Education.

At VMI, students are actively involved in the process; they must:

  • Identify themselves as having a disability and schedule an intake appointment
  • Provide documentation of their disability
  • Request accommodations EACH semester
  • Take responsibility for following Institute policies and procedures associated with the accommodations they receive

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