Graduate School

Whether you plan to attend graduate school right after VMI or might consider graduate study in the distant future, there are steps to take that will ease the application process. Please view our Graduate School Considerations guide for further information on preparing your graduate school application.

Graduate School Considerations

Top factors that influence graduate school applications:

  • Time - Can you carve out enough time from your career and other responsibilities to stay on course in /complete graduate school?
  • Money - Do you have the financial resources to invest in a graduate study now?
  • Motivation - Do you have the energy and interest to keep you on task?
  • Need - Do you really need an advanced degree to accomplish your career goals?
  • Experience - Do you need to acquire firsthand experience in your career in order to be competitive in a graduate program?
  • Timing - Is this the right time in your life? in your career?
  • Geographic location - Do you have to move to attend a particular graduate school?
  • Selectivity - Can you find a program/school that fits your needs where you are a qualified candidate for admission?

Types of graduate schools and professional schools include:

  • Law School
  • Medical/Dental School
  • MBA (Master of Business Administration) Programs
  • Masters or Ph.D. in any academic discipline

VMI holds several agreements with graduate and professional schools in a number of academic disciplines. Cadets interested in learning specific details about these partnerships should contact the professor associated with the agreement below to obtain more information.

Law | Maj. Tim Passmore, Pre-Professional Law Advisor

  • University of Richmond - School of Law
  • University of Virginia - School of Law
  • Washington & Lee University – School of Law
  • College of William & Mary – School of Law

Health Sciences | Col. Wade Bell, Health Professions Advisor 

  • Eastern Virginia Medical School
  • Virginia Commonwealth University -  School of Medicine
  • Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine 

Mathematics & Operations Research | Lt. Col. Amy Chapman

  • George Mason University – Systems Engineering and Operations Research


  • University of Virginia - Darden School of Business: Col. Jennifer E. Pullin 
  • William and Mary - Mason School of Business: Col. Jeff Smith 

Engineering | Col. Jon-Michael Hardin   

  • Virginia Commonwealth University - School of Engineering

English, Writing, and Creative Arts | Maj. Henry Wise

  • Nova Southeastern University - Composition, Rhetoric, and Digital Media Program 
  • Arizona State University – Literature, Linguistics, Rhetoric & Composition, and Comparative Literature Programs
  • The Citadel – Zucker Family School of Education


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