Registration and Enrollment

Please refer to the materials below and Post View often for the most up-to-date information.


SP22 Enrollment Instructions to Cadets – emailed to Cadets on January 12

SP22 Master Schedule – January 11, 2022 (refer to Post View for real-time data)


SP22 New Courses and Descriptions updated November 12

SP22 Writing Intensive and Civilizations and Cultures Courses (Updated as of January 11)


Spring 2022 Cadet Class Scheduling Worksheet

Building Codes  list of building abbreviations

ROTC Course Schedule Chart list of ROTC courses/required labs and when to schedule



Cadets must complete a PE course every semester until requirements are met.  Failure to schedule PE courses as directed below may result in delayed graduation. Required PE courses must be completed prior to taking PE electives. Cadets may not take more than one PE course per semester unless an extenuating circumstance exists (i.e. missed a PE course due to medical reasons).

  • 4th Class Year: PE-102 and PE-105
  • 3rd Class Year: PE-100/101 and PE-300
  • 2nd Class Year: Two PE Electives
  • 1st Class Year: One PE Elective