Portraits in Preston Library

The Virginia Military Institute maintains a large collection of fine art and artifacts. Some of the most notable examples from VMI's art collection, including works by 19th century artist William D. Washington, are displayed in Preston Library. This page lists only those paintings located in the Library


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  • Couper, William (Class of 1904; COL, Faculty/Staff 1925-1954, VMI Historiographer)
  • Citation from Chiang Kai-shek by Unknown (Gift of George McCrea, VMI Class of 1932)
  • Operations of 1st US Army in Europe - June 6, 1944 to May 9, 1945 (Gift of Richard Traver, VMI Class of 1941)
  • Jackson, Thomas 'Stonewall' and Little Sorrel by N.C. Wyeth (Faculty/Staff; GEN CSA)
  • Youth's Hour of Glory by Tom Lovell (VMI Cadets at the Battle of New Market)

  • Attack on the Huguenots (painted in 1855, by By William D. Washington; Faculty/Staff) -  lobby
  • Sculpture: Bust of P. Wesley Foster (by Betty Foster, his wife; VMI Class of 1956, Gift of Betty Foster) - Floor 4/5 stairwell

Related information

  • Smith, Francis H. (First VMI Superintendent 1839-1889)
  • Nichols, Edward West (Class of 1878, LTG USA, Third VMI Superintendent 1907-1924)
  • Cocke, William H. (Class of 1894, BG USA, Fourth VMI Superintendent 1924-1929)
  • Lejeune, John A. (LTG USMC, Fifth VMI Superintendent 1929-1937)
  • Kilbourne, Charles E. (Class of 1894, LTG USA, Sixth VMI Superintendent 1937-1946)
  • Marshall, Richard J. (Class of 1915, LTG USA, Seventh VMI Superintendent 1946-1952)
  • Milton, William H. (Class of 1920, LTG USA, Eighth VMI Superintendent 1952-1960)
  • Shell, George R. E. (Class of 1931, GEN USA, Ninth VMI Superintendent 1960-1971)
  • Irby, Richard L. (Class of 1939, LTG USA, Tenth VMI Superintendent 1971-1981)
  • Walker, Sam S. (Class of 1945, GEN USA, Eleventh VMI Superintendent 1981-1988)
  • Knapp, John W. (Class of 1954, LTG USA, Twelfth VMI Superintendent 1988-1995)
  • Bunting, Josiah III (Class of 1963, LTG USA, Thirteenth VMI Superintendent 1995-2001)
  • Sculpture: Bust of Philip B. Peyton by Cathe Wallendahl (Class of 1901, MG USA) - final location TBD
  • Turman, Dolly Hardee (by Susie Neikirk; Benefactress of VMI, wife of Solon Turman Class of 1920) - Turman Room Vestibule 

  • Sculpture: "Behold, The Only Thing Greater Than Yourself" by Patrick Morelli (Gift of George Preston Frazer VMI 1929) - 5/6 stairwell
  • Preston, John T. L. (Founder of VMI & early faculty member for whom the library is named) - main entrance
  • Ayres, Col. H. Fairfax by Norman Rockwell (Class of 1906)
  • Washington, George attributed to Gilbert Stuart ca. 1790 (Gift of Mrs. H. T. Morrison in memory of her husband, BG Henry Terry Morrison, VMI 1920)
  • Richardson, William H. by William Hubard (Board of Visitors, Adjutant General of Virginia, State Librarian, Capt. War of 1812)

  • Downer, John W. (Class of 1902)
  • Hathaway, Edward Trafton (Class of 1915, LT AEF, Killed in France during World War I)
  • Oakes, Laurance and his wife (Class of 1917, CPT AEF)
  • "Road to Cordoba" by Aldo Luongo (Gift of Charles P. Tolley VMI 1956)
  • Sculpture: Makette of "George Washington Kneeling in Prayer" by Donald H. DeLue (Gift of George Preston Frazer VMI 1929 in Honor of Sir Moses Ezekiel VMI 1866)

  • Scott, Winfield by Edward Troye (GEN USA, on loan since 1939 to VMI from US Capitol Collection, Washington, D.C.) - sixth floor lounge
  • Ross, Erskine M. (Class of 1865/New Market Veteran) - sixth floor room 608

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