VMI Leader Journey Podcast

Picture of Emily and Cadet Skerry Podcast Interview

VMI: The Right Kind of Challenge with Cadet Karl Skerry '20

In this episode of the podcast, we sat down with Cadet Carl Skerry Class of '20 to talk about his leadership journey and his experiences at VMI. Skerry explains why VMI presented the kind of challenge he was looking for. Skerry is the F-Company Commander and plans on commissioning into the Marines.

A General's Advice on Personal Leadership with Gen. Dennis Via

In 2019, VMI Leader-in-Residence Gen. Dennis Via came for several short visits to post. Via's 36-year career holds a wealth of insights and we captured those during a video interview as a future resource and to share them with our audience.

Picture of Cadets Szczepanik and Neikirk

Leverage Your Opportunities with Cadets Szczepanik and Neikirk '20

Staff members at the VMI Center for Leadership and Ethics, sat down with Cadets Brittany Szczepanic '20 and Will Neikirk '20 after our 2019 Annual VMI Leadership and Ethics Conference to talk about their involvement in the Center programs and leadership opportunities at VMI.

Picture of John Urschel at blackboard

The First Form of Leadership with John Urschel

In this episode, with former NFL offensive lineman, PhD mathematics candidate at MIT, and author John Urschel who came to post spring 2020 as part of our Courageous Leader speaker series. We spoke about his football and math careers and how he developed and applied his leadership style.

Alejandro Villanueva Addresses VMI Football Team Practice Courageous Leadership

The Importance of Culture and the Academy Advantage with Alejandro Villanueva

The Importance of Culture and the Academy Advantage

Profile Photo of Court Whitman

Effective, Positive Influence with Court Whitman '99

Court Whitman '99 discussed his leadership journey with Emily and Derek on a break during the 10th Annual VMI Leadership Conference this past October where he was a guest speaker. Court is energetic and dynamic on stage and focuses his latest efforts on high-performance in individuals and teams.

Image of 2019 CLE Interns Townsend and Forehand

The Rat Line and Leadership Transformations with Townsend and Forehand '19

In this episode, 2019 Center summer interns Townsend and Forehand touch on the following leadership competencies from the VMI Leader Journey: motivation, personal values, mentoring, teamwork, inclusion, helping others.

Picture of Sean Matson, VMI Class of 2005, speaking in Gillis during the BLIS Conference

Challenging Yourself with Sean Matson '05

Former Navy SEAL Officer, co-founder & CEO of MATBOCK, and the co-founder and president of Strike Force Beverage, Sean Matson '05 will touch on leadership competencies such as communication, supervision, inclusion, self-development, initiative, and decision making.

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It's Not About You Anymore with Stewart Spurry '20

Stewart Spurry '20 shares his journey to becoming the Rat Disciplinary Committee (RDC) president and his future goals. His interview touches on these leadership competencies: responsibility for personal behavior, self-development, mentoring, teamwork, and social responsibility.