VMI Leader Journey Podcast

Kirk Lippold with Brandon Marks posing with CLE Compass

Develop Leadership Practices with Cmdr. Kirk Lippold, USN (Ret.)

Retired U. S. Navy Cmdr. Kirk Lippold was the closing speaker at this year's Annual Leadership & Ethics Conference. He spoke on "Leading During Crises," through the narrative of the Al Qaeda terrorist attack on the U.S.S. Cole in 2012. His talk is not public, but he granted us this interview.

Group picture featuring College Debates and Discourse program faculty and cadet fellows

VMI - a College Debates and Discourse Alliance Community of Practice

VMI is one of 10 colleges nationwide to be named a Braver Angels' College Debates and Discourse Alliance’s Communities of Practice. This episode features insights about the program from faculty mentors and cadet fellows.

Profile Photo in grey blouse of Sibi Bagavathy VMI Class of 2023

A Discussion About the VMI Honor System with Vice President of Education, Sibi Bagavathy, '23

In this episode, Sibi Bagavathy, an economics and business major, discusses with podcast host Maj. Catherine Roy about the efforts to educate his Honor Court peers and the Corps of Cadets on following VMI's Honor Code.

profile photo of Cameron Cavanaugh VMI Class of 2023

A Chronicle of the VMI Journey with First-Class President Cameron Cavanaugh, VMI Class of 2023

COVID, an investigation, loss... VMI's Class of 2023 has had a unique and 'wild ride,' according to First-Class President Cadet Cameron Cavanaugh. Join us for this discussion of the challenges they faced and some of their lessons learned.

Rick Kiernan standing at podium during press briefing

Cadets of Character Then and Now: Perspectives with Career Public Affairs Officer Retired Col. Rick Kiernan, '66

Retired Col. Rick Kiernan, VMI Class of 1966, shares insights on the Institute's 150-year track record of graduating successful cadets. He discusses the media's propensity for negativity,  the importance of context in any story or discussion, and his thoughts on leadership as an iterative process.

Erika Cheung Speaker at 2022 Leadership Conference Gillis Theater

Ethics in Entrepreneurship with Erika Cheung

Hear Erika Cheung, CEO of Ethics in Entrepreneurship, share some lessons she's learned from her time at the failed Silicon Valley tech start-up Theranos, her later work in biotechnology in Asia, and her experiences with venture capitalism that inspired her to start her own nonprofit.

2nd Lt. Derek Shockey, '22 poses in cadet uniform in Memorial hall

"Rat Line Lessons and the Value of Self-Reflection" with 2nd Lt. Derek Shockey, '22

Former first battalion executive officer and center intern 2nd Lt. Derek Shockey, '22 discusses his experiences with leadership roles in the class system and regimental system, recovering from leadership failure, and the projects he's working on for this year's Annual Leadership Conference.

Graduation Profile Photos for Seth McRoberts and Ryan Cooper, '22

"Making a Lasting Impact" with Seth McRoberts and Ryan Cooper, VMI Class of 2022

Seth McRoberts' says his thoughts on citizen leadership are that the leadership journey isn’t finished when one leaves VMI or the military but that we ought to bring that expertise back into any organization where we belong to make a lasting impact.

Portrait Image of Tracy Walder

"Solution-Focused Leadership" with former CIA & FBI Operations Agent Tracy Walder

Our interview covers Walder's experiences working in the male-dominated world of national security, her leadership competencies, and how she was able to take hold of her own destiny through perseverance, determination, and education. She now devotes her time to being an upstander for women.

Spellmeyer, Sapp speaker photos on tile

"Be Vigilant" with Scott Spellmeyer, '90, and Col. Justin Sapp, '94

After participating in the Feb. 18th Courageous Leadership panel discussion detailing the first U.S. mission behind enemy lines in Afghanistan, alumni Spellmeyer, '90, and Sapp, '94, sat down to share some gained insights they've acquired since graduating from VMI.

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