Financial Aid Verification and Appeals

Financial Aid Verification

You may be randomly selected by the Department of Education for financial aid verification. Verification is the process VMI uses to confirm that the data reported on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form is accurate. Since verification is a mandate from the United States Department of Education, you will not receive an official financial aid offer until all required documents are completed and the Financial Aid Office verifies your file.  If you are selected for verification, you will be contacted by the Financial Aid Office through email notifying you which of the following requirements you must complete.

  1. 2024-25 Verification Worksheet:
  2. 2022 tax documentation:
    • If you and/or your parents filed taxes:
      • Automatically transfer your and your parents’ tax information using the Internal Revenue Service Data Retrieval Tool (IRS DRT) on the FAFSA.
      • OR If you are unable to use the IRS-DRT, you and/or your parents need to request a 2022 Tax Return Transcript, free of charge from the IRS online at or by telephone at (800) 908-9946, and provide our office with a copy.
      • OR If you are a victim of identity thief and are unable to complete the tax requirement please complete follow the steps on this form - Victim of Identity Theft
    • If you and/or your parents were employed in 2022 but did not file taxes:
      • Submit a copy of you and/or your parents 2022 W2s
      • OR If you and/or your parents do not have a copy of your 2021 W2, request a 2021 Wage and Income Transcript, free of charge from the IRS online at or by telephone at (800) 908-9946, and provide our office with a copy.

Please note that the Financial Aid Office may request additional information depending on the nature of the conflicting information on the FASFA.

Financial Aid Appeals

If your family has experienced a recent change in financial circumstances, which was not captured within your tax information, you have the opportunity to appeal. The Director and Assistant Director of Financial Aid will review this request for “Professional Judgment-Special Circumstance” or re-evaluation of your financial aid eligibility. Please keep in mind that this request for re-evaluation neither guarantees any adjustment to your financial aid award nor does it prevent the accrual of late fees on past due student account balances. In addition, students with unusual circumstances, or dependency override (e.g. victims of human trafficking, refugee or asylee, parental abandonment, etc.) may request an appeal. To request a review for appeal by the Director and Assistant Director of Financial Aid, please complete one of the following forms and submit it to the VMI Financial Aid Office along with all supporting documentation. Please note that appeal are reviewed as quickly as possible, but may be delayed during peak times. In addition, if additional documentation is requested, the approval timeline could be further delayed:

  1. If your financial situation has changed dramatically in 2022 (2023-24 FASFA), please complete the Financial Aid Appeal 2023-2024.
  2. Special Circumstances Appeal Form (changes in employment, income, assets, expenses, etc.)
  3. Unusual Circumstances Appeal Form (student dependency status based on a unique situation.)

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