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Student performing research at Virginia Military Institute, a military college in Virginia

SURI: Heavy Loads and Harsh Environments – The Effects on the Human Body

Caroline Lassalle ’25 has always had a strong desire to learn about exercise science and work in the medical field. The biology major spent five weeks last summer becoming a certified emergency medical technician (EMT) at Virginia Military Institute.

Students at a swim class at VMI, a military college in Virginia

Swim Classes Are Historic Part of VMI

Cadets are required to take swimming classes — a requirement that sets VMI apart from other colleges and universities, Col. James Coale, head of the Department of Human Performance & Wellness (HPW), said.

Student presenting at Honors Week at VMI, a military college in Virginia

VMI Cadet Researches Physical Fitness Motivation

Philip Argauer ’23 conducted a year-long research project on cadet motivation with physical fitness and presented his findings in his senior thesis titled, “Increased Physical Fitness With Volt” during Honors Week, held March 20-28.  

The 50-meter pool holds 800,000 gallons of water, and is large enough to be divided into three sections, making diving, water polo, and competitive swimming possible simultaneously. -VMI Photo by Kelly Nye.

VMI Aquatic Center Dedication

The ribbon cutting and dedication of Virginia Military Institute’s Corps Physical Training Facility Phase III, the Aquatic Center took place Jan. 27. Maj. Gen. Cedric T. Wins ’85, superintendent celebrated the event with local dignitaries and special guests.

Abaigeal Doody ’23 adjusts 65-pound rucksack on the back of a male subject in the hypoxic chamber to test for stress at VMI. -VMI Photo by Marianne Hause.

VMI Cadets Research Heavy Loads

Hiking up a mountain can be a lot of fun, but add a heavy rucksack to a hiker’s back, and the hike can become a strenuous workout for the heart and lungs. Two cadets majoring in biology at Virginia Military Institute, are exploring the subject in their Summer Undergraduate Research Institute (SURI)

Construction continues on walls and roof of the Aquatic Center located on Main Street.—VMI Photo by H. Lockwood McLaughlin.

Topping off the Aquatic Center

The Aquatic Center project, which is a little more than halfway done, continues steadily, with the project team working toward a November 2022 completion.

Cole Bordonie ’20 thanks the Baur family for their many contributions to his career path.—VMI Photo by Kelly Nye.

Baur Exercise Physiology Lab Dedicated

Family legacies at VMI are not uncommon, but most of them involve graduating from the Institute, passing down the family uniform, or even living in the same barracks room. The Baurs have a more direct legacy- A member of the family has taught a course on exercise physiology since 1989.

Maj. Dan Baur on With Good Reason

PE Professor to Speak on With Good Reason

Maj. Dan Baur, assistant professor of physical education at Virginia Military Institute, will discuss the use of hydrogel technology by elite athletes on the public radio program With Good Reason March 20-26.

Rats participating in a women's section of PE 102 - VMI Photo by Mary Price

Boxing Adapts to COVID Era

Thanks to the efforts of Col. James “Jimmy” Coale, professor of physical education, and his colleagues, rats enrolled in Physical Education 102, the required boxing course, are learning to box in a way that’s designed to minimize health risks while maximizing skill development.

A group of cadets look at a virtual image of the human body

Anatomy Class Makes Virtual Dissection Possible

The Anatomage Table, which is meant for the study of the human body and virtual dissection, is “kind of like a giant iPad,” explained Darren Ostrander ’20, one of the first cadets to use the table. Ostrander, along with five other cadets, is enrolled in PE 274 class, human anatomy.

VMI: Forging 21st Century Leaders