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Cadet Research News

Cadets Davidson, Fernandez-Grimes, Handford and Osborne pose in front of the SoCon sign at their research event.

Taking Research on the Road: Cadets Attend SoCon Undergraduate Research Forum (SURF)

Thanks to support from the VMI Center for Undergraduate Research, four VMI cadets recently traveled to Wofford College in Spartanburg, South Carolina to present their SURI research projects amongst their Southern Conference (SoCon) peers.

SURI: Unlocking the Links Between Spanish Poetry and Culture

Caitria Catania ’24 has been studying Spanish for eight years, but after taking a Spanish literature class with Col. John Cerkey this past spring, her love of analyzing Spanish poets grew.

A student doing summer research at VMI, a military college in Virginia

VMI Cadet Researches Precision in Rockets

Brian Tavenner ’25, an electrical and computer engineering major at Virginia Military Institute, is designing and building a fiberglass rocket to reach the exact height of 1,023 feet using a F-engine motor in his five-week SURI project titled,“Target Altitude Project.”

Lawrence Porter ’24 sets up equipment on the Chessie Trail.

SURI: Cadet Tests Serviceability on Chessie Trail Bridge

The Chessie Nature Trail, which runs along the Maury River from Lexington to Buena Vista consists of seven miles of level path including several pedestrian bridges. Lawrence Porter ’24 is examining the serviceability of one of those bridges in his 10-week SURI project.

Student performing research at Virginia Military Institute, a military college in Virginia

SURI: Heavy Loads and Harsh Environments – The Effects on the Human Body

Caroline Lassalle ’25 has always had a strong desire to learn about exercise science and work in the medical field. The biology major spent five weeks last summer becoming a certified emergency medical technician (EMT) at Virginia Military Institute.

A student with a professor doing research at VMI, a military college in Virginia

SURI: Transformational Leadership Among VMI Cadets and the Psychological Motivation Link

Leadership is one of the foundations of Virginia Military Institute. The concept is something Anthony Cruz Fernandez-Grimes ’25 is exploring for his summer research project.  

Two students doing undergraduate research at Virginia Military Institute, a military college in Virginia.

SURI: Two VMI Cadets Assist Local United Way

Brijesh Regeti ’24, a major, and Talli Tarring ’24, a major, worked together on their five-week project titled, “Data Analysis of United Way Donors” to research ways the organization can attract new donors.

A student conducting research over the summer at VMI, a military college in Virginia.

SURI: Exploring the Effects of Nicotine on Antidepressants in Betta Fish

Ellie Pickford '24 stood before a small glass tank, peering intently at the colorful Betta fish swimming within. Her summer research project was well underway, and she was determined to unlock the mysteries behind the interactions between nicotine and antidepressants. 

A student doing summer research at VMI, a military college in Virginia

SURI: VMI Cadet Examines First Amendment Rights for Military Members

Riley Malone ’25, a history major at Virginia Military Institute is examining the government policy on service members, and how their First Amendment rights have changed from 1900 to the present in his 10-week SURI project titled, “True Faith and Allegiance: The First Amendment in the Military.”   

Student doing summer undergraduate research at VMI, a military college in Virginia

SURI: Exploring the Link Between Athletes, Family Influence, and Anxiety Scores

This summer, Caragh Osborne ‘24 is conducting a study focused on anxiety symptom scores among athletes and non-athletes, examining the impact of family influence on the decision to attend college and its potential correlation with anxiety levels.  

VMI: Forging 21st Century Leaders