A transcript is a copy of a cadet's permanent academic record at the time of issue. All transcripts are issued as a cumulative summary of a cadet's performance at VMI.

Ordering Transcripts

Transcript requests must be made through the National Student Clearinghouse electronic ordering site.

Order Transcript

Required Information:

  • Full Name While in Attendance
  • Dates of Attendance
  • Name & Address of Recipient (Please be thorough as very often transcripts do not make it to their desired destination due to incomplete address information -- include full name, address, and zip code)
  • Social Security Number or VMI ID number
  • Name, Address, Phone Number and Email address of where you can be reached (in the event there is a problem processing your request.)
  • Electronic or Written Authorization from the individual cadet/alum (option provided online)
  • $10.25 per copy – paid for by credit or debit card

Virginia Military Institute reserves the right to withhold grades and transcripts for individuals with outstanding administrative or financial obligations with the Institute. 

Secure electronic (.pdf) transcript processing is available for cadets/alumni who attended/graduated VMI after 2000.   Prior to this, recipients will be issued the historical archived paper transcript.

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