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The VMI Leader Journey 

Founded in 1839, Virginia Military Institute has produced leaders imbued with a high sense of public duty and possessing the skills to lead successfully across the military, public, and non-profit arenas.  The VMI Leader Journey is a leadership development system that incorporates the Institute's core values -- honor, character, and service -- practiced in an environment stressing civility.  The VMI Leader Journey provides an overview of the cadet's four-year journey of "whole person" development across our academic, physical development, and military programs.

 You may also view or download the booklet here. 

Leadership Opportunity Inventory

This resource outlines every leadership opportunity available to cadets with thorough descriptions and credentials required for each. Download the VMI Leadership Opportunity Inventory Booklet here.

Self-Assessment Instruments

Self-awareness and reflection are important elements in understanding one's leadership style and behaviors.  The following links contain a few key leader self-assessment Instruments that are free to the general public.

Free Self-Assessments Available to the Public


The Ohio State LBDQ-XII assesses leadership under the style approach (initiating structure and consideration). 
LBDQ Self-Assessment
LBDQ manual and scoring guide

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator(MBTI)

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assesses personality type under the psychodynamic approach. Click on the following link for a test that uses the Myers-Briggs as its basis. http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/JTypes2.asp
An official MBTI Assessment must be administered by a certified practitioner or can be completed online for a fee https://www.mbtionline.com/TaketheMBTI

Big Five Personality assessment

The Big Five Personality assessment provides feedback on five personality traits.  This site contains other free self-assessments and resources.



Straight Talk Communications Style Assessment


Straights Talk provides an assessment of an individual’s communication style.


Self-Study Professional Reading Lists

The following professional reading lists (listed in no particular order) provide intellectual food for thought and reflection on a variety of leadership and ethics-related topics for a range of professions:

Tools and Resources from CLE Programs

  • Ethical Leadership ChallengeEthical Leadership Challenge - a critical-thinking exercise featured during our annual Leadership and Ethics Conference or as a stand-alone workshop. 

    Audience members study an ethical dilemma demonstrated through a series of scenarios in three to four rounds of discussions.  Videos or images outline the vignettes with questions to consider at the end of each round. 

    Trained cadet table facilitators help keep the discussions moving along and every participant uses an ethical triangle card to evaluate the choices and decisions they would make or recommend. (Each card has two triangles for back/front printing. Pictured right: Col. Gray, Director, briefing audience on how to use the Ethical Triangle during their small-group discussion exercise.)

  • Speaker videos on topics of national important - our Center maintains a library of videos from the various speakers we've hosted. The content of these speeches could easily enhance any classroom discussion or unit of study providing first-person perspectives or research from renowned subject-matter experts. We have listed a few topics as shortcuts, but from any one of these playlists, you may link back to our channel to see our full library of recorded speeches and moderated interviews. 



 VMI Leadership and Ethics Conference 2019 


The Vietnam War at 50 Video Playlist 


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2018 VMI Leadership and Ethics Conference
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The Vietnam War at 50
Featured on C-Span's History Channel

These and more links to videos on our YouTube Channel of our speakers:


Associated Professional Organizations

The following professional organizations have resources available to their members on their websites.