Assistive Technology

The Office of Disabilities Services has the following assistive technology resources available for registered cadets:


VMI has licenses available for NaturalReader, a text-to-speech program that includes an online version, mobile app, and a Chrome extension. This assistive technology highlights spoken words, has customizable voice settings, and a dyslexia font.

Smart Pen
Smart Pen records audio, takes notes, records what you say or write, and will play it back. Available for loan from the ODS. 

Alternate or Digital Formats for Print Course Materials

If you have been granted accommodations that include print materials in digital format, we will assist you in obtaining digital copies.  To allow adequate time to locate or produce electronic texts, requests from currently enrolled cadets must be received AT LEAST 4 weeks in advance.

We are set up to obtain digital versions of readings from a variety of sources.  We use the following to access digital formats.  Cadets must complete the Accessible Text Request and Accessible Text Agreement Form prior to receiving electronic versions of course materials.  Cadets must also provide us with a proof of purchase of the textbook. 

  •  Bookshare Accounts can be set up so students can access materials themselves 
  • Direct from the publisher 

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