Parent and Cadet Resources

While the Office of Disabilities Services is here to assist and support cadets through this process, cadets must first identify a need and seek out services. 

CHADD is the nation's leading non-profit organization serving individuals with ADHD and their families. Chapters offer support for individuals, parents, teachers, professionals, and others.

LD Online is the world's leading web site on learning disabilities and ADHD, serving more than 200,000 parents, teachers, and other professionals each month. LD OnLine seeks to help children and adults reach their full potential by providing accurate and up-to-date information and advice about learning disabilities and ADHD.

The main goal for students with disabilities in higher education is to learn how to self-advocate and communicate his / her strengths and needs effectively. However, you play an important role as a parent.

  • Make sure your son or daughter self-identifies as a cadet with a disability to the Office of Disabilities Services (ODS).  This is encouraged before the Rat year begins, even if he or she does not plan to take any major accommodations. The transition to college can be one of unforeseen changes and adjustments which is why it's so important to be proactive.  Once registered through ODS, the office can assist your son or daughter to advocate for self and provide a layer of support should any problems or difficulties arise.
  • After your son or daughter registers with ODS, any and all copies of documentation will be needed. (Please review Documentation Guidelines for what is needed in your packet). VMI requires extensive documentation so that we can determine what accommodations may be necessary for your son or daughter. The more information we have, the better we can serve and support your son or daughter.
  • Your most important role is support. As a Rat, cadets go through many challenging days.  It's important to stress self-advocacy, perseverance, and keeping focused on short and long term goals.  Graduation numbers from the past several years show cadets with disabilities graduating at the same rate as those without disabilities.
  • Encourage your son or daughter to take advantage of the support services at VMI.

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