Accommodation Eligibility

To be eligible for services, cadets with disabilities must identify themselves and present professional documentation to the Director of Disabilities Services. Documentation must be current, relevant and comprehensive and it must establish that the cadet’s condition constitutes a substantial limitation to a major life activity.

In addition, the documentation must establish a current need for accommodation.

If the original documentation is incomplete or inadequate, VMI has the discretion to require additional documentation. If the disability is not diagnosed, the Director of Disabilities Services may recommend the cadet be referred to an appropriate professional office for comprehensive psychological testing (see section Guidelines for Documentation of a Specific Disability). Any cost incurred in obtaining additional or initial documentation is borne by the cadet. Until appropriate documentation is provided, the Director of Disabilities Services cannot process the cadet’s request for accommodations. Faculty members are not expected to provide accommodations unless cadets present verification of need from the Office of Disabilities Services (ODS).

Cadets with disabilities who wish to request accommodations must first meet with the Director of Disabilities Services for an initial intake session and present a copy of their documentation. Thereafter, cadets must notify the Director at the start of each semester of their intention to acquire accommodations.

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