Accommodation Procedures

NOTE: Accommodation Letters must be requested EACH SEMESTER through the ODS.

  • Cadets with disabilities who wish accommodations must first meet with the Director of Disabilities Services for an initial interview and provide copies of their documentation of a disability. 
  • In most cases, the Institute assigns authority to the Director of the Office of Disabilities Services to determine reasonable and appropriate accommodations based on the documentation provided. In the event there are issues or concerns involving accommodations, the Director reserves the right to consult with the Dean and faculty members before providing accommodations. 
  • Once documentation has been reviewed and accommodations have been granted by the Director, cadets will receive an Accommodations Letter. This letter will serve as the cadet’s documentation of a registered disability and will be used as documentation and notification of the cadet’s disability with professors. 
  • After picking up the Accommodations Letter from the ODS, cadets must make an appointment during office hours with each professor to deliver the Accommodation Letter and discuss specific accommodation needs. It is very important that cadets do not try to give professors the Accommodation Letter before or after class! 
  • When meeting with professors, cadets should discuss their strengths and weaknesses and how they think the accommodations will help them in the classroom. Cadets do not have to disclose what their disability is; however, this disclosure often opens the door for professors to ask questions and for cadets to educate their professors about a particular disability. 
  • Cadets must ensure that they have each professor sign and date their Accommodations Letter. The signed letter serves as the documentation indicating that the cadet has met their responsibility to inform the professor of their eligibility for accommodations. Each professor will copy the signed Accommodation Letter and retain the copy in a confidential file in their office. 
  • A request for extra time on a test should be discussed with the professor before the test or exam is scheduled. This allows the professor enough time to make appropriate adjustments to his or her schedule.

Please note that last minute requests for accommodations as well as failure to meet with a professor in a timely manner will result in a delay in provision of requested accommodations.