Advanced Standing Credit

Advanced standing credit is defined as the assignment of new cadets to advanced courses, with or without semester hours credit, for which they have qualified by one or more of the following means:

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College Board Advanced Placement Examinations:

The College Board offers Advanced Placement Examinations annually in May, each based on a typical college-level course. These examinations are designed for students who have had special secondary school preparation. Elective credit is given for grades of 3, and selective semester hour credit may be awarded for grades of 4 or 5 (honors and high honors).

Advanced Placement Credit - Revised May 2023

International Baccalaureate Courses:

VMI recognizes the advanced level of academic preparation of students completing the IB Diploma or IB courses and encourages participation in the program. Academic credit and/or advanced placement is determined by the appropriate academic department head. Generally, semester hour credit may be awarded for exam scores of 5 or higher. Elective credit is awarded for scores of 4.

International Baccalaureate Credit - Revised May 2023

Cambridge International Exams:

Based on an evaluation of the 2012 Cambridge International Exam syllabi, the following VMI course equivalents are acceptable for credit for incoming Cambridge International A-Level transfer activity. A grade of “C” or better is required unless otherwise indicated.

Cambridge Credit - Revised May 2023

VMI Placement Examinations:

All new cadets are tested for placement in the proper level mathematics course. Cadets who have taken two or more years of a modern foreign language while in grades 9 through 12 are tested for language placement, regardless of their curricular choice. The test results, the high school record, foreign residency, and in some cases, a personal interview will all contribute to the recommendation for placement into an appropriate level course. It is possible for a cadet to place out of a portion or all of the language requirement. Placement credit means that a designated course does not have to be taken. However, semester credit hours are not awarded with placement credit and the required hours must be earned by taking elective courses.

Placement Test Instructions

Dual Enrollment or Attendance at Another College:

Subject to approval by appropriate curricular head, VMI will accept credits earned in another accredited college in advance of the applicant’s matriculation, provided the course grade has been at least a “C” or the equivalent. Applicants should get advanced approval of course selections from the VMI Admissions Office.

VCCS VMI Course Equivalencies - Revised May 2023


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