Mandatory Placement Testing

All appointed students attending VMI must satisfy placement testing requirements before matriculating in August.

Required Placement Tests:

  1. Language - (students who have passed at least 2 years of French, German, or Spanish in grades 9-12. Take corresponding placement test even if not continuing in the foreign language during Rat year. If student took and passed 2 years of multiple foreign languages, choose only one for placement test.)
  2. Mathematics (ALL matriculants must complete the VMI Math Placement Test 1, regardless of major or ROTC by June 15.)

Math Placement Test Prep Materials


You will be placed into the VMI Placement Testing Summer 2024 module in Canvas. Once you've received and followed the instructions provided from Admissions to set up your VMI email account, you will see further instructions from the Miller Academic Center via your VMI email.

You will know you have access to the module when you receive a notification email titled “Course Invitation” from Instructure Canvas. This module houses both required placement tests. Be sure to read all placement test instructions before starting the courses within the module.

Once you are ready to take the placement tests, open Chrome and go to Your Canvas login and password is your VMI Network account (Post View) and current password. In your Canvas Dashboard, click on VMI Placement Testing Summer 2024 to view all information for both required placement tests.

If you have any technical difficulties while attempting to access Canvas, or while taking the test, please contact the VMI Information Technology Help Desk at 540-464-7643.

Canvas Login

Have questions or need further assistance?

VMI Email Username and Password - IT Helpdesk: 540-464-7643

Canvas Access to VMI Placement Testing Summer 2023 Module: IT Help Desk 540-464-7643

Math Placement Test Questions - Dept. of Applied Mathematics: 540-464-7335

Language Placement Test Questions - Dept. of Modern Languages and Cultures: 540-464-7241

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