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VMI’s Office of Admission conducts a mission-aligned holistic review of every applicant. This review ensures a fair and comprehensive assessment of the “whole student” rather than disproportionately focusing on any one factor to determine admissibility and the ability of applicants to successfully complete the Institute’s unique educational experience. While heavy weight is placed on academic performance, the holistic review considers other criteria such as personal experiences, attributes, leadership experience, physical fitness and athleticism, civic engagement, extracurricular involvement, and level of connection and interest in VMI. This holistic approach allows VMI to identify, recruit, and matriculate top-talent in support of the organization’s overall mission of producing educated and honorable citizen-leaders.

The application cycle for admission to the Institute opens each year on August 1 and enrollment occurs only at the start of the following academic year in August. Applicants are normally not less than 16 or more than 22 years old at matriculation, must be in good physical condition, and may not be married or a parent. A one-year age waiver may be granted for an applicant who has served on active duty in the armed forces or for other extenuating circumstances. 

Applying to VMI is the same whether you are a high school senior, a transfer student, or an international student.

NEW THIS YEAR! VMI is now on Common App. All first-year students (high school seniors) have the option to apply to VMI through VMI’s system application or the Common App. College transfer students will continue to apply through VMI’s system application. High school seniors should only submit one application. VMI has no preference between the two platforms.

Readmissions of former cadets is achieved through the Miller Academic Center and not through the Admissions office.

Cadet at working on laptop, cadets marching as part of their military education and training, and cadet EMTs at VMI, a military college in Lexington, Virginia

Application for the Fall 2024 entry term is now open! The new VMI System Application is available, and VMI is also live for the first time ever on Common App. High school seniors should only submit one application. VMI has no preference between the two platforms.

Virginia Military Institute Online Application for interested students, including transfer students.

  • High school seniors/first-year students
  • International students (first-year & college transfers)
  • College transfer students *

Common App link for online applications to VMI, a military college for all aspiring leaders.

  • High school seniors/first-year students
  • International students (first-year)
  • * College transfer students must apply through VMI's system application.

 Review guidelines and requirements for the following student types: 
High school seniors / First-year studentsCollege Transfer StudentsInternational Students 


Critical Dates & Deadlines

August 1 Online Applications Open

VMI's application opens for high school seniors / first-year students, international students, and college transfer students.


November 15 Early Decision Deadline

Early Decision deadline. Applicants who submit all supporting documents by November 15 will receive their appointment decision no later than December 15.

March 1 graphic with branded VMI chevron

FAFSA priority deadline. In order to receive financial aid, applicants must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

NOTE: Applications and supporting documents will be reviewed on a rolling basis after early decision applicants have been reviewed.

Application Process and Instructions

Congratulations on taking the first step towards joining our storied Institute and the Corps of Cadets. Our Team is here to assist you along your application journey!

Complete your application to VMI, either through the VMI Application or Common App. Please note that ALL required documents for an admissions decision must be completed through the application itself (regardless of which application you choose) before your application can be submitted.

Checklist of Required and Supplemental Documents:

You may also download the complete Application Document Checklist.

Notice Regarding Standardized Tests, 2023-24 

For the 2024-25 application cycle, VMI will be Test Optional, meaning candidates do not have to submit either an SAT or ACT score. The absence of test scores will not be viewed as a negative in the application review process. However, candidates who do wish to submit a score should use the SAT code 5858 and/or ACT code 4418. 

Applicants whose first language (mother tongue) is not English are still required to take and submit scores for an English proficiency exam to VMI Admissions such as the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

If you have further questions before getting started, please do not hesitate to contact the Admissions Office at: 540-464-7211 or email


Complete the standard FAFSA application

NOTE: The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is tentatively scheduled to open in December of 2023 (not on October 1).  In order to receive financial aidapplicants must complete the FAFSA by March 1, 2024. VMI's Office of Financial Aid is tracking the upcoming changes with the FASFA and will diligently work with all applicants as needed. 

IMPORTANT: As always, the earlier your FAFSA is submitted, the sooner you will receive your financial aid award. The Office of Financial Aid is the best resource for up-to-date instructions, requirements and deadlines.

There are a number of scholarships available from VMI and other sources. Some are handled without separate application, but others, such as merit scholarships and ROTC scholarships require additional documents and information, and come with their own eligibility requirements separate from admissions requirements.

Prospective cadets may also find additional financial aid information from the U.S. Department of Education's office of Federal Student Aid. The U.S. Department of Labor also provides a Scholarship Finder tool to search more than 8,000 scholarships, fellowships, grants, and other financial aid award opportunities.


All scholarship or walk-on athletes are required to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center for determining eligibility. Obtain a Student Release Form from your counselor.

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