Transfer Students

Virginia Military Institute welcomes applications from students wishing to transfer from another accredited college or university.

At least six semesters of residence at VMI or five semesters in residence plus a semester at a VMI approved study abroad program are required for graduation regardless of the number of course credits approved for transfer.

The VMI Admissions Committee determines if a transfer student is qualified. For admitted transfers, academic department heads determine the acceptability of courses taken at the previous institution(s).

Accepted transfer students matriculate at the beginning of the academic year in August. Mid-year transfer is not possible.

Deadline for transfer applications is the same as that for regular first time freshman applications (February 1).

Checklist of Required and Supplemental Documents - Transfer Applicants


Secondary school record
All transfer applicants must submit an official transcript of their secondary school record, with standardized test scores (SAT I or ACT). For those students whose first language is not English, the College Board Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is required. Importance of the secondary school record will vary depending on how long the student has been enrolled in an accredited college program of study and its course content. In general, it is expected that the secondary school record will meet the VMI entrance standards. A one-page essay is optional for all students.

College record
To be competitive for appointment, transfer students should have at least a “B” (3.2 on a 4.0 scale) cumulative quality point average on all courses attempted. In addition, they must be in good standing with respect to their academic and conduct records and eligible to return to the previous college or university, which must be accredited.

College Report Form
A copy of this form must be submitted from ALL colleges you have attended since graduating from high school in addition to OFFICIAL transcripts from those institutions.  Please take the following steps so that the proper information is received in a timely manner.

Download College Report

Transfer students are classified academically the same as entering first-time students (4th Class) until they return for their second year at VMI. At that time they may request reclassification based on the total number of semester hours earned and prevailing academic standards for the upper classes.

Credit transfer
Credit transfer requires a grade of “C” or better in the course without regard to grades achieved on other courses of the same sequence or the average grade for the sequence. Credit transfer also requires that content of the course be accepted by the appropriate VMI curricular head toward fulfillment of baccalaureate degree requirements in the curriculum, as a general rule on-line courses are not accepted for transfer credit. Transfer credit guidelines are subject to update yearly.

Transfer courses that can be applied to degree requirements at VMI are determined by the curriculum selected. Transfer students are encouraged to review curriculum requirements in the VMI Catalog to ensure appropriate course selection. No more than one-half of the total hours required for VMI graduation may be transferred. Quality points are not transferable. Quality points earned at other colleges before transfer to VMI are not counted in the computation of the 2.0 quality point average required for VMI graduation.

Those students enrolled in another college or university must submit an official transcript and catalog in order to have courses evaluated by the appropriate academic department head. Students enrolled in courses offered by the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) are directed to view the VCCS course listing to determine transferability of credits prior to enrolling in any course. Foreign students are encouraged to have their transcripts evaluated by a company providing foreign credential services to ensure the maximum number of credits transfer.

All others should send a copy of the college catalog with the course(s) they intend to take to Transfer Coordinator, VMI Admissions Office, Lexington, VA, 4450-0304

Waiver of transferable credits

An applicant may waive transferable credits and follow a regular 4th Class (freshman) curriculum, but exercise of this option does not exempt the student from meeting all entrance standards for transfer applicants.

ROTC credits
If the applicant is a transfer student and desires to pursue an Army commission, he/she can receive credit for the Army ROTC Basic Course (first/second year) by attending a four-week Leadership Training Camp at Ft. Knox, Ky.

For Naval ROTC, first/second years of training may be fulfilled by attending a seven-week summer program at the Naval Science Institute. Generally, Naval ROTC credit is not given for Army ROTC or Air Force ROTC training. The professor of naval science may review records and seek waivers, where appropriate, on a case-by-case basis.

Requirements for the Air Force ROTC General Military Course (first/second year) may be waived by attending a six-week Air Force Field Training program, for honorable military service, or by transfer from other Air Force ROTC programs.

For additional information on each service’s specific requirements, contact the individual ROTC offices. Transfer students may also arrange to take first/second-year basic ROTC courses simultaneously at VMI if they lack credit for the first year.

Preferential treatment with regard to admission is awarded to transfer students from the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) who have completed an associate’s degree.

Transfer students are also encouraged to review information in our catalog regarding courses that may be taken for elective credit.

Advanced academic credit or advanced placement occurs when new cadets are assigned to advanced courses, with or without semester-hour credit, for which they have qualified through one or more of the following means:

  • College Board Advanced Placement Examinations
  • International Baccalaureate Examinations
  • VMI Placement Examinations
  • Dual Enrollment or Attendance at Another College / VMI Summer Session

For more information see the catalog

Any questions regarding the awarding of advanced credit/placement should be directed to the VMI Admissions Office.