VMI Rhodes Scholars

VMI has produced eleven Rhodes Scholars since 1921, the first year of the prestigious scholarship for study at England's Oxford University.

Samuel W. Washington, Jr., Class of 1921.
Born in Charles Town, West Virginia, Mr. Washington spent three years at Oxford University studying law. A career Foreign Services Officer specializing in South America, Mr. Washington was a recognized expert on Latin American affairs. After retirement from the State Department, he lectured at the University of Virginia and the University of Puerto Rico.

Henry H. Cooke, Class of 1921.
Mr. Cooke matriculated at VMI from Charles Town, West Virginia and received the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies. He worked with Exxon Corporation as a chemist specializing in product development.

John W. Pendleton, Class of 1928.
Pendleton received his BA in Liberal Studies in June 1928.  After completing studies at Oxford, he taught at the University of Rochester. Following several years as Assistant to the President of the University of Alabama, he became Vice President for the Arabian American Oil Company.

Robert Q. Marston, Class of 1944.
Marston studied medicine at the University of Virginia after graduating from VMI and pursued a career in teaching. Before becoming the president of the University of Florida, he served as Director of the National Institutes of Health and Vice Chancellor of the University of Mississippi.

William B. Adams, Class of 1947.
Adams graduated from VMI with a BS in Electrical Engineering. After his Oxford studies, he began a life-long career with General Electric.

George W. Hardy III, Class of 1954.
Mr. Hardy came to VMI from Shreveport, LA, and took his degree in English. After study abroad he completed LSU School of Law. He pursues his practice in his home state.

Lee D. Badgett, Class of 1961.
Brigadier General Badgett received his BS in Mathematics from VMI and commissioned in the U.S. Air Force. Upon completion of his studies at Oxford, he continued his graduate studies at Yale, from which he received the PhD. He has taught at the Air Force Academy, Humboldt State University, and served as Dean of the Faculty at VMI.

Josiah Bunting III, Class of 1963.
The 13th superintendent of VMI, Lieutenant General Bunting came to VMI from Litchfield, CT. As a first classman, Cadet Bunting served as Regimental Commander and took his degree in English. A published novelist and well known lecturer, General Bunting taught at the U.S. Military Academy, and was president of Hampden-Sydney College

Robert C. Randolph IV, Class of 1967.
An English major at VMI and president of his class, Mr. Randolph received a law degree from Harvard after completing his Oxford studies. Mr. Randolph has pursed a career in international business as the director of a major chemical corporation.

Michael N. Lokale, Class of 2003.
As a cadet, Lokale received numerous awards for his academic and athletic excellence. A Biology major, Lokale was inducted into the prestigious Phi Kappa Phi honor society. 

Gregory E. Lippiatt, Class of 2009.
A native of York, PA, Lippiatt double majored in History and English. His scholarly interests focus on the Medieval period.

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