Cadet Leadership Enrichment Opportunities

The Center provides support for qualified, current cadets who may benefit from attending external conferences as part the Center's mission to enhance leadership development. The conferences may be at federal military academies, other senior military colleges, and universities or other relevant venues. 

Learning Outcomes:

    1. Participating Cadets will apply critical listening and thinking during speaker presentations and be able to articulate well-reasoned positions on critical issues.
    2. Participating Cadets will apply critical thinking in writing a reflective essay about the pertinent information they learn at the conference/symposia they attend.

Inquiries? Contact Faculty Mentor: Col. Pat Looney, Deputy Director


Fall 2023:

Oct 30-31: VMI 14th Annual Leadership & Ethics Conference, "Leading During Crises: Culture, Conflict, Collaboration" - Registration is free for VMI CadetsNov 2-4: American Veterans Center and the World War II Veterans Committee for the 26th Annual Conference & Honors, in Washington, DC.

Nov 9: United States Coast Guard Academy 34th Annual RADM Wetmore Ethics Forum. Theme: “Living and Leading with Honor”

Spring 2024

Jan: USNA Leadership Conference, theme TBD

Feb: Texas A&M 69th Student Conference on National Affairs (SCONA); theme TBD


Feb 22-23, 202: USAFA 31st National Character & Leadership Symposium, Theme: “Valuing Human Conditions, Cultures and Societies, 

Spring Furlough ‘24: 

  • International Humanitarian Law (IHL) for Military Academies – San Remo, Italy. In partnership with VMI's International Studies Department
  • Olmstead Staff Ride, in Partnership with the VMI History Department

Mar 30-31: Yale University NROTC Leadership Conference


Apr: Norwich University 2nd Annual Leadership Conference


The Officer Women Leadership Symposium (OWLS)

May - Jun (10-day trip): MirYam Institute for Israeli national security seminar / cultural mission


VMI: Forging 21st Century Leaders