Community Notification - VMI cadets will be participating in Spring Field Training Exercises (Spring FTX) Friday, March 31 through Tuesday, April 4. Trainings will occur throughout Rockbridge County, including the Goshen Boy Scout Camp, the Chessie Nature Trail, and on/around VMI post. There may be traffic delays in the area. Weapons training may also be heard.

Cadet Leadership Enrichment Opportunities

The Center provides support for qualified, current cadets who may benefit from attending external conferences as part the Center's mission to enhance leadership development. The conferences may be at federal military academies, other senior military colleges, and universities or other relevant venues. 

Interested current cadets should check the CLE's portal page for current details.

2022-23 Opportunities

Fall 2022

The National Symposium on Patriotic Education hosted by the College of the Ozarks

Date(s): Sept (if invited)

Norwich University, William Colby Military Writers Symposium

Theme: “Robots Rising: Arming Artificial Intelligence”

Date(s): 12-13 Oct

VMI 13th Annual Leadership & Ethics Conference

Theme: “The Courage of Convictions”

Date(s): 31 Oct-1 Nov

American Veterans Center and the World War - Veterans Committee for the 25th Annual Conference & Honors, in Washington, DC.

Date(s): Nov 3-5

United States Coast Guard Academy Annual RADM Wetmore Ethics Forum

Theme: TBD.

Date(s): 8-9 Nov

University of North Georgia Symposium

Theme: TBD

Date(s): TBD


Spring 2022

USNA Leadership Conference

Theme: TBD

Date(s): TBD

Texas A&M 68th Student Conference on National Affairs (SCONA)

Theme: TBD

Date(s): Feb 2023

USAFA 30th National Character & Leadership Symposium

Theme: Leadership, Teamwork and Organizational Management

National Character & Leadership Symposium - United States Air Force Academy

Date(s): 23-24 February 2023

Registration: 3 Oct – 5 Dec 2022

Citadel’s Honor Conference

Date(s): 9-10 Feb 2023

International Humanitarian Law (IHL) for Military Academies – San Remo, Italy

In partnership w/ International Studies Department

Date(s): March 2023

Olmstead Staff Ride 

In partnership with History Department 

Date(s): Spring Furlough 2023

The Officer Women Leadership Symposium (OWLS)

Date(s): TBD

MirYam Institute for Israeli national security seminar / cultural mission

Date(s): May-Jun 23