"Died on the Field of Honor"

Cadet Deaths at the Battle of New Market

Ten VMI cadets died as a result of wounds received at the Battle of New Market on May 15, 1864.

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Thomas JeffersonNew Market Day Ceremony Overview

The New Market Day ceremony is an annual observance held at VMI in front of the monument "Virginia Mourning Her Dead", a memorial to the New Market Corps. The names of all of the cadets in the Corps of 1864 are inscribed on the monument, and six of the ten cadets who died are buried at this site. The ceremony features the roll call of the names of the cadets who lost their lives at New Market, a custom that began in 1887. The name of each cadet who died is called, and a representative from the same company in today's Corps answers, "Died on the Field of Honor, Sir."  

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